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Imran Khan’s Horoscope for April 2023

by Syed Mubashir Ali Rizvi
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Imran khan

Assalamualaikum, I am astrologer Syed Mubashir Ali Rizvi, and my Facebook page and YouTube channel are available under the name Astrology Future 110. Today we will talk about Imran Khan’s horoscope for April 2023. Let’s see what his horoscope says.

I had also predicted Imran Khan’s horoscope for March 2023, which was proven to be completely accurate, thanks to the testimony of my followers. I had predicted that Imran Khan will not go to jail, despite the calls for his arrest by all Pakistanis, and my prediction has been proven to be true.

I have been reading his horoscope for the past four years and his horoscope has been proven to be completely accurate. Today, I have read his horoscope for April 2023, let’s see what it says about his future.

What events can be expected to happen with him in April? Can he go to jail? Can he be put under surveillance? Is his life in danger? In his horoscope, Madhesh and Uttardasha are seen first, and both are powerful planets.

Until 2024, their powerful planets are in motion. Next, let’s see what their trust says. What the current trust says? Saturn is also moving powerfully in their horoscope, and Mars has already entered their sixth house in March, as I stated before. In the last week of the first decade, there may be some days of struggle for Imran Khan. During these days, they may face powerful attacks regarding their jail issues. Health issues or some losses may also arise. Or they may fall into depression due to something. I am talking about the last four or five days of April. This time period is not particularly good for them. They will have to be a little cautious during this time period. But the good thing that I am seeing in the first decade is the powerful movement of the planet Utaradsha. It supports them. When this planet supports them, the tenth house rolls and professional things roll. They can also benefit from some things from the government. And I am also seeing some relaxation from the government because this planet is powerful. Unfortunately, their two planets are not moving well. Along with this, in the next decade.

I have already mentioned their income statement before. Now, after seeing their trust account clearly, I am telling you that the second and third Ashra are not proving to be good for them. During this time, they may be restricted and face legal issues. They may also have to go to jail during the second and third Ashra. Some planets are aligning in such a way that some problems may arise for them. Allah knows best, but they will have to be very cautious even about small incidents. I am not seeing anything good for Imran Khan during the last two Ashra. They may face many problems during these two Ashra. These two Ashra will not prove to be good for them. They will have to take great care of their health. The opposing parties and these opposing people can attack them without any hesitation. I am saying this in the sense that cases were previously made against them using different languages and phrases, so attacks with different languages and phrases can be very intense. In the last two Ashra of April, efforts can be made to undermine them. I am not seeing anything good for Imran Khan during the last two Ashra of April. They may also have to go to jail. If they don’t have to go, then they can be put under house arrest. In any case, this situation.

And the most important thing in charity, according to my limited knowledge, is that they should be given to the poor people just as they used to be given before. And those who are in madrasas should help the imams or people of madrasas and give charity for the madrasas. So, this was a brief analysis in which they should be given all the work related to health issues, jail concerns, house arrest or any other circumstances that may lead to some penalties in the last two decades of April 2023. They will need to take a lot of precautions in April. And then in April, they should do their work and finish it. Allah knows best what He is planning for me. Plants become smoothies for those who do good deeds. Their plants become harmful for those who do evil deeds. This is a system of Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty runs His every system in His own way. And we should pray that what is better for our country Pakistan may happen. Imran Khan will be cautious in the last two decades. We will see what events will happen with him in the rest of May. Now please allow me. Take special care of your own and your parents’ health. Subscribe to my channel, like, share, and leave good comments so that I can make new videos. Goodbye.

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