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The future of our politics?

by Afzaal rehan
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Afzaal rehan

These days, friends often ask the question, what will be the narrative or scenario of our future politics? What will be the position of Jinnah the Third in this? Will the elections of national and provincial assemblies be held in October, November? Or will they be gone by March-April of next year? Will the punishments of Nawaz Sharif be removed, will he be able to run his own election campaign while taking over the leadership of his party and become the prime minister for the fourth time? How will new electoral alliances be formed? Who will get the honor of King’s Party? People who have even a little understanding of Pakistani politics can realize that a leader or a party that is ousted is not brought into the next election, no matter how popular it is. why not One thing is sitting in the minds of our people that they do not vote for a removed party, especially one that is stopped by the powerful.

Our people generally go with the winning party, similar assumptions are made by the powerful, if they are concerned that “anti-national” people may come forward, the powerful postpone the election or conduct it in a way that I am sure of the desired results. Go through Ayub, the essential requirement of the constitution of 1956 was to get a fresh mandate but Ayub did not allow this requirement to be fulfilled and when he went to the election battle, he ensured his victory.

Although General Yahya conducted fair elections, these unexpected election results were not accepted or allowed to be implemented. Yahya Khan accepted to divide the country but did not accept to have tunnels in front of public mandate. If Zia-ul-Haq and Pervez Musharraf were found to be manipulating, if we go into the details, all other questions will be missed. Generals who did not impose martial law also have a long history of showing skill in keeping politics under their control. Leaving aside all others, the role of General Bajwa can be considered as an example. If you look at it, we are currently standing in the situation of 2018. No matter what you believe, the victory of PML-N was certain in 2018, Darvish has solid evidence in this regard. Today, time has brought Nawaz Sharif back to the same position.

Undoubtedly, they will accommodate allies like Maulana Fazlur Rehman with them, but they have little or no capacity to give tickets to the people of “Party Stability” because even their own people of PML-N will not like such an attitude. . However, the competition has to be one-to-one. If the PTI had been in power, it was possible that N and PP would have made electoral adjustments. Apart from NP, Jinnah’s fugitives will also be included. He who has to conquer Punjab has to sit on the throne of Islamabad. The situation in Punjab is most interesting at the moment. Our Sheikh Chili still doesn’t believe that he is finished, he thinks that all he wants is to be a leader but his voter is with him, this is a fake myth spread by people like Sheikhs and barristers and fooling Tis Markhan.

At present, the stability party has a lot of leaders but lack of workers, while PP has a serious crisis of suitable leaders for Punjab and this crisis can be solved by the merger or cooperation of the stability party. Now the question is, whose head will be the hand of the powerful? There is also a possibility that Bachi Khachi PTI will reach a compromise with Tehreek-e-Labeek under the leadership of Shah Mehmood.

Of course, his preference may be PP but Jinnah would prefer to fly solo as an arbitrator, even though his disqualification is certain, which could lead to deportation or a jail trip. Darwish has been insisting for years that PTI is not a political party, it is a fan club or pressure group of Jinnah 3rd which will disintegrate due to the disqualification of Tis Markhan. Now the defectors of Jinnah III can try to fill this gap of PTI together with PP. Many of our analysts may see Shah Mehmood’s party as opposed to the Iran League, but in Darwish’s eyes, the People’s Party can be joined by the Stability Party and Q-League. The real question is how and when the cases of Nawaz Sharif are going to end. Whatever the situation, it is necessary for Nawaz Sharif to return home on August 14. There is still some confusion as to when the elections will be held.

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