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CSS is not a measure of quality education

by Yasir Pirzada
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The newspaper in which you read the column of this article wrote an article last Sunday, titled “Results of CSS”. For the convenience of the new generation, let me tell you that “Shazra” refers to the short opinion of the editor, which he writes on the current situation apart from the editorial. It is also my hope that young people will understand this definition of “Shazare” because most of the people here, when they meet, warmly shake hands and say, “I read your editorial yesterday, it was very funny.” So, I don’t write editorials, and secondly, what’s the point, editorials are potatoes and meat! Well, let’s leave it at that and talk about CSS. The newspaper writes, “Federal Public Service Commission has The final results of SS exam 2022 have been announced, according to which only 393 candidates out of 20 thousand 262 were successful. The success rate was 85%. Thus, the institution has recommended 374 candidates for appointment in Grade 17. This situation is a testament to the bankruptcy of higher education and a question mark on the quality of the management sector… Seeing this series of falling results in CSS exams, a few years ago old bureaucrats attributed this situation to political interference. was given Today, the number of universities in the country is many times higher than in the past, in which most of the focus is on education and research related to professional and technical matters, and language, speech and social studies are missing to an alarming extent. It can be said that every year millions of credentials are distributed and thousands of candidates sit for the CSS exam, the results of which are in front of everyone. The style covers the decline of our education system and CSS, it is possible that other newspapers have also expressed their opinion on this topic, but since I do not agree with this position, I am writing this column based on the assumption that The editor will allow himself to be disagreed with (not knowing what it means), so if you are reading this column, it means that the editor has happily passed the column, and if not, then… but this How is it possible that you don’t even read the column and know what was written in the unpublishable column! The population is already too much!!!

Almost every year this kind of lamentation is written about the results of CSS and three things are assumed while writing. The first is that the results of CSS indicate the low quality of our education, the second is that it The reason for the situation is political interference and thirdly, there are more universities in the country than before, but since language and speech and social sciences are not paid attention to here, this kind of results come out. As far as the first hypothesis is concerned, the statement is That CSS is not a degree but a method of sorting out job seekers. Imagine that the government of Pakistan is a company that needs young people of certain qualifications to fill three hundred vacancies, this company advertises in the newspaper, sets the qualification criteria for the job and then creates an exam for it. As a result, he gets three to four candidates for one position so that he can easily sort them and hire the suitable candidate. The company does not like to take this pain. For example, if Amazon wants to recruit for ten senior level positions in Pakistan, it will inevitably create a test so that it can find a maximum of thirty people for those ten positions that it can easily interview. Fill up the vacancies.

The second assumption is very dangerous. The CSS exam is one of the few things in this country that is safe from recommendation and nepotism despite the worst conditions, there is no political interference and appointments are purely on merit. are Only that quota which is reserved for armed forces, there is no written test of the candidates, otherwise the entire procedure is so transparent that the candidates do not know their marks until the result of the written test, after which comes the interview stage in which A board of qualified officers sits who evaluates the candidate’s ability and assigns marks which are submitted in the written test and the result is published. The third assumption is also wrong. First of all, the increasing number of universities has nothing to do with the quality of education, but on the contrary, it is causing a decline in quality, I have written about this many times. And there is no truth in the fact that only professional and technical issues are given attention in the universities because in every small and big university there are departments of language and social sciences. There is no option but there is a long list of optional subjects including all kinds of technical sciences, people not only keep these subjects but also score more marks in them than social sciences.
All these things do not mean at all that our quality of education is not declining, indeed we have gone down more than before, but CSS is not the measure of it. If you want to estimate the degradation of the education system, talk to a graduate student for five minutes, you will understand that “we are traveling in deep seas”. Not when we’re swimming at the bottom of the ocean where James Cameron went to explore the Titanic!

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