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World Blood Donation Day

by Muhammad Yaseen
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Blood is the basic component of the human body. The use of blood and blood components is of fundamental importance in saving human lives and there is no artificial system or process other than the human body through which even a single drop of blood can be made. That’s why this year the theme of this day is “Donate blood, give plasma, share life, share often”. The main objective of this day is to donate blood and also to donate a blood component. The purpose of World Blood Donor Day is to create awareness and awareness of donating blood among people. Donated blood saves the lives of people in need, on this day every year on June 14 Nobel prize winning scientist (Carl Landseitz) (June 14, 1868) who discovered the A, B, O blood grouping system, which led to the first successful blood transfusion experiment by Reuben Attenberg in 1907.

Every healthy person received blood after three months. According to scientific research, it is a natural process that red blood cells are depleted or lost within 90 to 120 days, so why not donate them so that precious human lives can be saved. According to an estimate, 112.5 million bags of blood are collected in the world every year. 47% of this blood is collected in developing or underdeveloped countries. Experts also say that in 57% of the countries in the world, 100% blood Compensation is taken from the people who donate. From one bag of blood donated, three components are prepared which are administered to the patients of thalassemia, hemophilia and blood cancer and thus three human lives are saved by donating one bag of blood. There is a Qur’anic verse, “He who saves the life of one person is as if he saved the life of the entire humanity.”

Pakistan needs approximately 8000 bottles of blood every day, while only one percent of the total population donates blood, which is insufficient, while 60% of the donated blood is used by children with anemia, and the rest is donor blood. It is used during many medical complications, natural disasters and surgical procedures. To increase the number of donors, it is necessary to conduct awareness campaigns on print, electronic and social media and seminars to increase the trend of blood donation. should be organized to create awareness of blood donation among the people.

According to my opinion, blood donation should be made a part of the curriculum and blood donors should be accepted at the federal and provincial levels. With this in mind, recently the caretaker chief minister of Punjab Mr. Mohsin Naqvi visited Sundus Foundation Lahore and visited the patients. At the same time, giving special attention to blood donors, we appreciate the blood donors and heads of institutions, colleges and universities who organize blood camps. . He first donated blood in the blood donation awareness campaign and especially appealed to the youth to donate blood so that the lives of patients suffering from thalassemia, hemophilia and other diseases can be kept bright. The staff of the Governor’s House also donated blood and reiterated (pledge) that they will continue to donate blood.

For this, blood donors in the offices/houses of the governor, chief minister, prime minister and president at the federal and provincial levels. Encouragement. These measures will create awareness among people about blood donation which will help in saving precious human lives. Every healthy person between the age of 18 to 60 years should donate blood every three months. It can. There is no harm in donating blood, but there are better results. For example, it helps to control the amount of fat in the blood and increases immunity. New blood is formed within three months. It gets included in the body’s storage. Diabetes and high blood pressure patients can also donate blood, provided their disease is under control. At this point, a question also comes up that which people can’t donate blood?

Therefore, those people who are suffering from lung cancer, diseases, those suffering from neurological or sexual diseases, drug addicts and especially those who use narcotic drugs through injection cannot donate blood. In addition, various blood diseases such as hemo. People suffering from philia and thalassemia, suffering from fever and cold in the past and taking antibiotics. So we can donate blood after 14 days after the patient recovers. Many charitable organizations in Pakistan are struggling to provide blood. One of them is Sundus Foundation, which is an example for blood delivery in a modern way. Rather, it also provides free clean and healthy blood to patients under treatment in public and private hospitals. It is necessary to give more blood and financial donations to institutions like Sundus Foundation so that these institutions can do their work efficiently. “Blood Donor Salute to Your Majesty”

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