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The Cry of Muslim Children in Gaza

by khalid waseem Advocate
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khalid waseem advocate

Israel, the most ruthless and perilous enemy in the world, which established itself on the chest of Middle Eastern Muslims like a festering sore after the Second World War, has become accustomed to quenching its thirst with Muslim blood every three to four years. Israel’s existence and its bloodthirsty actions are a stain on the face of the civilized world, even though the Western countries that claim to be advocates of animal rights also support Israel. Israel’s brutality, particularly the massacre of Palestinian Muslims, especially children, is not only silently condoned but openly supported by the American political establishment.

In American politics, support for Israel is considered a guarantee of success. Three hundred members in the U.S. Congress out of 350 openly support Israel, and the American media also backs Israel. Reports concerning Israel’s black deeds rarely make it to the American media. Since October 7th, Israel has been raining down artillery on the defenseless Muslim population in Gaza, leading to the martyrdom of over three thousand, with the majority being children. Unfortunately, there is no country in the world that can hear the cries of Palestinian children and rescue them from Israel’s oppression.

Gaza’s population consists of more than half children. Israel is bombarding Gaza with an unprecedented ferocity, targeting schools, hospital support slances, cars, and refugee camps. Israel ordered the residents of Gaza to move from the north to the south and then bombed the displaced Muslim residents of Gaza, the majority of whom were women and children.

Israel has been escalating its brutality by targeting hospitals, killing more than five hundred women and children, a barbarity that was unimaginable even during the era of ignorance. The civilized world’s eyes remain shut, and they are preoccupied with defending America’s unlawful offspring. In France, President Macron threatens the Iranian president in a harsh tone to stay away from this conflict. European countries fear that if Iran gets involved in this war, Israel’s survival may be at risk. On the other hand, they are also making efforts to keep Hezbollah, which is present in Lebanon, away from this war. In reality, all of them aim to prevent Muslims from uniting in any way. The division among Muslims is contributing to the loss of Muslim lives.

Christian-majority regions in Venice and Sudan are offered the gift of freedom on a silver platter, while Muslims in Palestine, Kashmir, and Myanmar continue to endure the sacrifice of their lives. In the presence of international resolutions, freedom is being denied to Muslims, despite the existence of peacekeeping forces in various regions. When Russia presented a resolution in the Security Council to stop Israeli aggression, the United States, the United Kingdom, and their allies thwarted it. This is a paradox and irony. The United Nations should immediately put a stop to Israel’s bombing in Gaza and establish a United Nations peace force in Palestine to end Israel’s oppression of Palestinians.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be declared a war criminal, and he should be brought before the International Court of Justice for war crimes, especially for bombing hospitals in Gaza, killing more than five hundred women and children. The cries of Muslim children are enough to shake the world’s conscience. Muslim children are crying out, questioning the reason for their punishment. Why are their homes being reduced to rubble? Under which law has Israel cut off the supply of water, electricity, fuel, and essential medicines, including vaccines? Is there anyone in the world who can hear the cries of these innocent children and save them from Israel’s oppression? The media’s tattered and torn images of innocent children and the corpses left by the cruel Israeli soldiers and Netanyahu have no effect. After his Secretary of State’s unsuccessful visit, the U.S. President himself has landed in Israel’s defense, and the Islamic Conference’s meeting has started, which, as usual, will sit, talk, and rise.

The children of Palestine are waiting for valiant warriors like Salahuddin Ayubi to rescue them by breaking Israel’s iron grip and destroying Israeli ships, and one day, someone will answer their cries for help. Before this, Israel will certainly kneel down.

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