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“The Comeback Of Nawaz Sharif: Rebuilding Pakistan’s Future”

by Hina Pervaiz Butt
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Hina pervaiz butt

A prayerful trend was circulating on social media, blaming those individuals who have brought disgrace to Pakistan, and Allah Almighty has cursed them. Sheikh Rashid has revealed the truth now. Now it’s the turn of Roposh Miyan, Iqbal Iqbal, and Hamad Azhar, the youth’s real faces. Actually, on that day, there will be fireworks when Murad Saeed bursts out during a press conference. People are saying the journey from opposition to government is not easy. For that, one has to struggle systematically, show hypocrisy with everyone, confront every societal policy, stick to religious principles on financial decisions, and strictly adhere to ethical standards.

The party that claimed to end Nawaz Sharif’s politics by accusing him of corruption and theft has actually become a mockery now. When the Chairman himself becomes repententant of politics, the “Tanga Party” will not even find shelter in Multan. In response to Nawaz Sharif’s arrival, Imran Khan, playing the field at the youth level, is claiming that the opposition should also be given a chance. He is saying that he made a mistake on May 9th. People say that it was not just a mistake on May 9th; it was a great crime that ruined the country’s economy, politics, society, and culture. The issue is not just May 9th, but there are several May 9ths hidden behind it that destroyed the nation’s prosperity.

No one is saying that there was a mistake, but there is a great crime involved in it. He not only defended corruption and theft but actively participated in this act. He spread corruption and theft as the national anthem and caused the country’s economy to collapse. People say that in the case of a mistake, there is a huge increase in hatred, self-pride, stubbornness, and blind imitation in the minds of young people. There is a need to work for several years for the restoration of these young people and national norms.

The people’s economy will work with full determination to reduce the decrease in purchasing power and inflation. The number of investors, including China, has gone, but he will bring them back. However, the people are asking when they will continue to stay in other countries’ gardens. And when will Nawaz Sharif stop spreading the thorns of others? Is it just Nawaz Sharif’s contract that he repairs the economy day and night, gaining the trust of the people, the stock market, capitalists, traders, and foreign investors?

When the country’s economy returns to the right track, what will be the new experiment for promoting a carefree country? How long will the one who saves the country be blamed with new accusations? How long will the perpetrators be forgiven instead of being held accountable? How long will the culprits be protected, and will the open injustice continue to be closed? The real crimes are those that it’s time to commit to them forever.

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