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A New Era in Politics

by Muhammad Mehdi
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Muhammad Mehdi

The political landscape in Pakistan is as clear as the morning sun. The return of Mian Nawaz Sharif and the grand public gathering were a reflection of the fact that the steps taken to bury politics in Pakistan have been rejected by the people. Even though the public did not resort to violence against politicians, they still have faith in political action, regardless of their grievances.

The massive turnout was not just about any local leader or party. It was, to a large extent, people coming to welcome their leader, to catch a glimpse of Nawaz Sharif and to interpret their dreams in his presence. Nawaz Sharif’s return was not about someone’s victory or defeat; it was a sign of success in the political process and the supremacy of the Constitution, something that will be remembered forever.

It was expected that a balanced statement would emphasize that the real issue facing the nation at this time is the severe economic crisis. Unless we succeed in addressing it comprehensively, the shock of July 2019 has brought the national economy to a point where it is still struggling. It was important to make it clear that all these actions were driven solely by personal ambitions, so that it remains clear in the hearts of the people that the genesis of all this was driven by personal desires.

It was also necessary to announce that there is no need to seek personal revenge from anyone. Keeping a hostile mindset will only divert the real goal, which is the revival of the economy. Every student of politics and economics knows that the dream of economic recovery cannot be achieved until political stability is fully established.

The international community is also closely watching the gradual political changes taking place in Pakistan. Both the East and the West are witnessing the strengthening impact of political changes in Pakistan, and it is expected that a robust political government that truly represents the people, under the leadership of Mian Nawaz Sharif, will soon be established. This time, it is not only about the highest level of business opportunities for the international community in Pakistan but also about basic needs, and this investment will not be limited to just one friendly country; it will be much broader.

The international community is eagerly waiting for the formation of a genuine, sustainable government under the leadership of Mian Nawaz Sharif. My friend once asked if I felt any deficiency during the gathering. My response was, “Yes, I did feel a shortage.” What was missing? Leaders like Raja Zafrul Haq, Iqbal, and other great politicians who had shown their unwavering loyalty to the Muslim League-N were conspicuously absent. Their absence from this stage was felt profoundly.

The display of connection with the Palestinians in an emotional way clarified the sentiments of the people living in Pakistan. Recently, the Ambassador of Iran visited Lahore. Since my invitation to him had been confirmed, I suggested inviting some of my friends to the meeting to familiarize them with the Iranian stance on Pakistan’s relations and the current situation in Palestine. The Iranian Ambassador clarified various Iranian positions during the meeting.

During this gathering, I mentioned that the emotions of Pakistanis towards their Palestinian brothers and sisters are the same as they were before the formation of Pakistan. When the All-India Muslim League placed its headquarters in Lahore in March 1935, it also included the Palestinian issue in its resolutions. The instructions of Quaid-e-Azam are still very relevant for us today.

The current situation is evident in that Arab countries are gradually accepting Israel through the Abraham Accords, and the sacrifices of the Palestinians are losing their significance. If Saudi Arabia had followed the same path, the matter would have been entirely settled, and the voice of the helpless Palestinians would have been buried on permanent grounds. The only solution for Hamas was to stand up in these circumstances. Ismail Haniya has raised the funerals from his home; what could be more sincere than this?

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