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The arrival of Imam al-Husayn (a) Karbal

by Syeda Nayyaraiin Batool Rizvi
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syeda nayyarain batool

The arrival of Imam al-Husayn (a) and the arrival of Yazidi forces in Karbala
Imam Al-Husayn (a) was some distance away from Kufa on the 1st of Muharram after leaving Makkah on 8th Dhul-Hijjah. It was a 1,000-strong force led by Harban Yazid al-Riyahi on behalf of the governor of Kufa to stop Imam al-Husayn (a).
On that day, Hurr’s army was very thirsty, the water storage in the desert was exhausted, at such a time Karim ibn Karim gave water to Hurr’s companions with his own hands and the soldiers of Hur prayed behind the Imam. Will not resist…
These were the same hars who met Imam Al-Husayn on the morning of 10th Muharram and the first martyr of Karbala also became his son.
Hur did not stop the path of Shah Oppressed
He was asking for the address.
On the next day, he again resisted the path of Imam al-Husayn (a), but the Imam continued to walk, but at one place, Imam Al-Husayn’s horse stopped. According to some hadiths, the Imam changed nine horses, while the ride did not last, so the Imam decided to leave. It was found that the people of Banu Asad tribe lived in the tide of this land.
The Imam called him for a meeting and asked him what was the name of this place, so he told many of its names, including Dasht Nineveh, Shatt al-Furat, one of which was Karbala. Where Karbala is today, the Imam bought the land from Banu Asad for 60,000 dirhams. He made some wills to the elders, women and children of Banu Asad and returned the land to them. In this way, the land, which has been ruined for centuries, was settled by the arrival of the Prophet.
After reaching Karbala, Imam Al-Husayn wrote two letters and received one.
The first letter he wrote to Ahlian Kufa informed him that the Imam had reached Karbala at his invitation. The messenger of this letter, Qais ibn Masher, was arrested on the way and later martyred.
He wrote the second letter to his brother Muhammad bin Hanafiyyah and told him that he was going to be martyred soon.
On the 1st of Muharram, Al-Hurr informed Ibn Ziyad about the progress of Imam al-Husayn (a) so that the next order could be taken from him, as a result of which Ibn Ziyad wrote a letter to Imam al-Husayn in which he said that I have the command of Yazid to either pledge allegiance to him or kill him. And threw it away.
Imam Al-Husayn’s tents were set up on the banks of the Alqama Canal. The governor of Kufa, Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad bin Abu Sufyan, was constantly receiving news that the Imam was camping in Karbala and Hurr was being gentle with the Imam.
Ibn Ziyad received the news as soon as he received the news.
Hazrat Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas Summoned Z’s son who lived in Kufa. Ibn Ziyad knew very well that ‘Umar b. Sa’d’s desire for the rule of the Iranian territory of Ray had been stirring for a long time. He summoned ‘Umar b. Sa’d and offered ray’s government on the condition that he lead an army against Imam al-Husayn.
Umar bin Sa’d’s greed aside, but in the veins was the blood of Hazrat Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas and he also tried to get rid of this campaign, but the ruler remained adamant and the greed of Ray’s government blindfolded Umar bin Sa’d.
Umar was aware of the greatness of Imam Al-Husayn on the one hand, and on the other hand, the dream of Ray’s government was haunting him, finally he asked for one night’s rest so that he could decide on it after some thought. Umar bin Sa’d spent the entire night of Muharram 2 and 3 in contemplation and consulted his friends, at last he called his son and placed the situation in front of him, on which his son said that the world is a loan of cash and the Hereafter, so the need of reason is that cash should be accepted. Umar Sa’d’s misfortune that he liked this advice of his son and he went to Ubaidullah Ibn Ziyad and agreed.
Ibn Ziyad commanded ‘Umar b. Sa’d a 22,000 army and sent him to Karbala. Umar bin Sa’d reached Karbala on the 3rd of Muharram and met the Imam.
The Imam mentioned the call of the people of Kufa and said, “If Kufa does not want me now, I will go back.”
‘Umar ibn Sa’d wrote to Ibn Ziyad, in response to which Ibn Ziyad sternly said, “Tell Husayn that I am not ready to listen to anything before pledging allegiance or killing.”
Governor Of Kufa Ibn Ziyad Delivered A Long Sermon At The Jama Masjid In Kufa. The people were lured and afraid to participate in the killing of Imam, due to which people started gathering to attack the Prophet (s). Among the first applicants was Shamir Dhul-Jushan, who
His father, Dhu al-Jushan, was one of the Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him). According to the tradition, the day of 4th Muharram was also a strange day, the iron market of Kufa was full of people, someone was taking swords, someone was buying arrows, someone was making spears. The one who had it all was speeding it up. Regret! That all these people who recited the word were not encouraging these weapons for the disbelievers, but for the grandson of the one whose word they used to recite.
Shamr bin Dhu al-Jushan, who was the murderer of Imam Al-Mujahid. In the time of prophethood, he became a Muslim and was in the army of Imam Ali (a) in the Battle of Siffin, later joined the rebels and became his named Grami Chief, on the 4th of Muharram.
He reached Karbala with an army of 4,000.
Apart from them, the details of those who reached Karbala are as follows:
Husayn ibn Namir 4000
Ibn Rakab 2000
Ibn Ra’inah 3000
Ibn Harsha 2000
Shabath ibn Raba’i, a renowned scholar of Kufa, reached Karbala with an army of 4,000 soldiers. In addition, those who took the army included Urwa bin Qais 4000, Abdullah bin Husayn 1000 and Sinan ibn Anas 10000. On the 5th of Muharram, Muhammad bin Ash’ath, the cousin of one of the most respected women of the Islamic world and the nephew of the most important male figure, who belonged to the Tribe of Kanda, reached Karbala. His sister, Ja’dah bint Ash’ath, was the wife of Imam al-Hasan (a) who poisoned him.

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