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Severe Cyclone Buper Joy

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Severe Cyclone Buper Joy

Severe Cyclone Buper Joy

The cyclone is located 910 km south of Karachi, Meteorological Department

Cyclone Bipar Joy is moving towards North East i.e. Gujarat. Meteorology Department

During the next 12 hours, the storm will move north-west towards Karachi, the Meteorological Department said

Winds are blowing at a speed of 130 to 140 km per hour around the cyclone, the Meteorological Department said.

A ban has been imposed on fishermen from going into the sea from June 12 due to possible threats from the cyclone.

The current temperature of Karachi is 31 degrees Celsius, Meteorological Department

The humidity in the air is 65%, Meteorological Department

The maximum temperature today is expected to be 36 degrees Celsius, the Meteorological Department said

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