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Inflation Rampant

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Inflation rampant, 21 essential items prices increase this week too

Inflation rampant, 21 essential items prices increase this week too
Inflation became rampant in the country. According to the latest data, this week too, the prices of 21 essential items have increased.

According to the weekly inflation report issued by the Federal Bureau of Statistics, an increase of 0.21% was seen in the inflation rate during this week, while the annual inflation rate was recorded at 39.26%. 17 thousand 733 rupees in the country. The rate of inflation was 41.06 percent for those with a monthly income of 22 thousand 888 rupees, while 21 essential items became expensive and 10 became cheaper in the country in the recent week. Prices of 20 commodities remained stable during the current week including potato, onion, chicken, tomato, garlic, lentil mash, sugar, washing soup, beef, mutton, raw milk, curd, jaggery, tea leaf and rice. 21 commodities became expensive, while the prices of 10 commodities including LPG, mung dal, lentils, chickpeas, flour, eggs and cooking oil decreased and 20 essential commodities remained stable.

In one week, the prices of tomato increased by 29.15%, onion by 20.85%, chicken by 7.01%, tea by 1.38%, potato by 1.74%, chrysanthemum by 1.26%, and garlic by 1.02%.

During the recent week, LPG prices increased by 6.60%, flour prices by 2.02%, egg prices by 3.41%, vegetable table ghee prices by 0.33%, mung dal prices by 2.22%, chickpea prices by 0. .65% and mustard oil prices have decreased by 2.16%.
According to the data, during the recent week, in terms of the decimal of sensitive prices, the inflation rate for the group with income up to 17 thousand 732 rupees per month on an annual basis is 38.24%, the group with income from 17 thousand 733 rupees to 22 thousand 888 rupees per month. Inflation rate has increased by 41.06%.

Apart from this, the rate of inflation was 40.20 percent for the group having income from 22 thousand 889 to 29 thousand 517 rupees per month, and 39.27 percent for the group having income from 29 thousand 518 rupees to 44 thousand 175 rupees per month. The inflation rate has been 39.32 percent for the group having income more than 44 thousand 176 rupees per month.

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