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“Project”, the Monarchist Factions, and Planning

by Irfan Siddique
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irfan siddique

Despite the statements, assumptions, and dreams, the reality written on the wall is that we are wandering in circles in Bhanwar and the shore is not visible. The compound word “Tawaif al-Mulki” is used in Urdu, which has a relative connection to the Arabic language. Its English alternative is “Anarchy”. Different Urdu dictionaries give different meanings for “Tawaif al-Mulki”, including disarray, confusion, chaos, disorder, scattering, darkness, and unruliness, etc.

In my opinion, the simple and innocent question is, during 2008 to 2018, did any national manifesto present a plan for Tawaif al-Mulki in this way? Is this the responsibility of the current government? Removing the lens of bias, the answer to both questions is negative. So did an extraterrestrial creature tie our hands and feet, put clothes on our mouths, and push us into this underworld and disappear? No, that didn’t happen either. So who plunged Pakistan, which was moving on a straight path, into “Tawaif al-Mulki”? Now, this is not a mystery. All characters are alive and well. No one’s nights are sleepless, no one’s conscience is bothering them, no one’s eyes are moist, no one’s heart is trembling with the urge to ask for forgiveness from the nation. The separate matter is that the roles of “Project Imran” have now become the subject of “Project Retribution,” their four hundred humiliations are dancing, and the ropes…

After the US election in 2008, the People’s Party formed the government. The Muslim League (N) decided not to boycott parliamentary proceedings despite accepting the election results. They joined the government for a while during the period of the restoration of judges. However, they later parted ways over this issue. There was also a phase of mutual bitterness when the Governor’s rule was imposed in Punjab after Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s government was dismissed through the Dogar Court. Despite this, the Muslim League (N) continued to play a strong opposition role in the National Assembly rather than resorting to street protests. The Long March led by Nawaz Sharif in 2009 for the restoration of judges ended in Gujranwala with the achievement of its goal, although it could have been kept active against the Governor’s rule. Both parties agreed to the 18th Amendment with mutual understanding and consensus, despite their own political and party positions. This was the first national assembly in the country’s history to complete its five-year constitutional term. Asif Ali Zardari was the first president to complete his constitutional tenure. In early June 2013, the Muslim League (N) formed the government, and Asif Zardari remained president until September 9, 2013. Like Arif Alvi, he did not create problems for his rival party nor did he stop any bills or references. Our politically turbulent history also witnessed the heartening scene of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif hosting a dinner in honor of the departing president, in which all political parties participated. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf remained the only movement to stay out of this gesture of goodwill and reconciliation.

The rigidity of democracy, the maturity of political parties, and the stability of the system were not conducive to our tradition of powerful impulsiveness. The foundation stone of “Project Imran” was laid in a Lahore gathering in October 2011, but General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani made holding fair and transparent elections his top priority before retiring. The elections took place, but Mr. Khan could not bear the shock of his dream being shattered. He wandered for years and protested on the streets.

In November 2013, the arrival of General Raheel Sharif with “Operation Zarb-e-Azb” did not bring any positive change. General Raheel Sharif’s desire for a closer relationship with Musharraf and an extension of his tenure as Chief of Army Staff led to his removal as Prime Minister. He soon became part of “Project Imran,” which had now become an institutionalized mission. General Bajwa also became deeply involved in this project shortly after becoming Army Chief in November 2016. The rest is history.

Today our beloved country is facing a decline in all directions – institutions are crumbling, the economy is in decline, there is unrest and uncertainty. The responsibility for this lies with Imran Khan, more so than with the project planners of “Project Imran.” Those who conspired against their elected Prime Minister, broke their oath of loyalty to Allah and the constitution, threatened judges for desired verdicts, wasted years of hard work, fabricated false cases, provided verdicts in secret shops and veered towards authoritarianism have now taken political action in the guise of “royal factions”. This is not much different from the fall of Dhaka. Instead of moving forward, we are struggling to find a way to bring Pakistan back to the level it was in 2017. The world knows that the currency of war-torn Afghanistan, which has been scarred by war for half a century, is three times heavier than ours, and the inflation rate is 40%, which is higher than the entire Nawaz era.

“The dance of the royal factions is not affected by the institutional conflict. The judiciary has now become legislative and the administration as well. It has even taken away the powers of the independent constitutional institution, the Election Commission. Those who seek to entertain the nation with their boisterous and jingoistic politics, like a rabbit hiding in the bushes, are retreating in the face of their own hypocrisy. The parliament, considering itself the mother of all institutions, stands tall with maternal dignity and honor. However, “Jari Mother” (a derogatory term for a corrupt politician) does not even have the courage to mention the names of her unruly sons. Meanwhile, those involved in the cultivation of the royal factions, using the respect and dignity of their institutions as fertilizer, and all those who are alive and present, enjoying all the comforts and facilities, sitting on the balconies of their luxurious homes, smoking cigars, sipping hot coffee, are watching the spectacle of Pakistan’s downfall in the whirlpool of the royal factions. No one is bringing the troublemakers who are pushing Pakistan into the abyss to justice.”

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