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Artificial Intelligence or Social Death

by Muhammad khan Abro
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Muhammad khan abro

In this era of modern development, where technology has brought us many benefits, we also face countless losses. After the establishment of factories, as the world became a victim of climate change, numerous pages are required to write about it, and similarly, in this century, where humans have progressed in information technology and are still reaping its benefits because this progress has changed people’s lives, experts in education are now facing unprecedented challenges with the advent of automation and artificial intelligence. Now, it has become difficult to detect theft and digital fraud. A large number of internet users used to have a habit of copying and pasting, and after the tools of artificial intelligence, namely artificial intelligence tools, have come, the younger generation, which was already prone to depression, is now being pushed further towards pessimism. Why would today’s students or young people go towards research when they are getting cooked food through artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence apps like Chat GPT, which are accustomed to quickly solving difficult questions through search engines on the internet, have stopped them from using their brainpower in creative tasks. Due to the research done with the help of artificial intelligence, we are seeing a lack of confidence in our younger generation.

Even scholars are now putting their trust in artificial intelligence, which unfortunately fails to accurately assess their true learning potential and ability. Additionally, when faced with difficult questions, many students are failing because they rely on AI to do all the work for them. This reliance on AI is causing them to be unsuccessful when they must perform difficult tasks on their own. Educational institutions must address these issues and find a solution. Teachers must develop practical wisdom to encourage students to use their thinking and reasoning skills to the fullest, rather than relying solely on AI, so that they may conduct more research and use their knowledge to the best of their abilities. When everything is available online, students must continue to search for knowledge. Our teachers must be challenged to overcome the challenges posed by AI. Therefore, students should be assigned tasks and then tested to determine their ability level, as well as whether they have completed all of their work and homework online. Teachers should make an effort to complete assignments and homework without using digital tools to encourage students to use their minds and abilities. Through this exercise, students will develop their creative skills and their ability to use their minds to their fullest potential. This will lead to genuine scientific knowledge among students.

It is necessary for young people to demonstrate sincerity when pursuing any creative work on their own, and to develop a habit of doing their work without relying on digital assistance. This habit will only develop when young people develop a love for books. When a student completes their work using their own knowledge and intellect rather than artificial intelligence, they feel proud of their innate abilities. This is because just as a fruit seller can taste the sweetness of fruits he sells from a single bite, similarly, completing a task on one’s own gives a sense of satisfaction that cannot be achieved through artificial intelligence. The biggest disadvantage of artificial intelligence is that it presents your work in the best possible way, leaving no room for improvement, and this can lead to an addiction where your brain’s abilities are forever limited. Let us rid our children and young people of this addiction and encourage them to spend more time in the library so that they can immerse themselves in the sea of knowledge and not rely on artificial intelligence. Let us save our future generations from this addiction, because nations that lose research and creativity cannot recover from the sea of failure.

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