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CIA Lahore Police Performance Report for Last Four Months

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CIA Lahore Police

CIA Lahore Police performance report for the last four months of 2023 released

In the past four months, the CIA police have initiated investigations into 2187 serious cases including kidnapping for ransom, blind murder, dacoity, and robbery. In 2023, over the past four months, 3639 suspects were arrested, including 181 members of 52 dangerous gangs who were involved in theft, and SSP Captain (R) Liaqat Ali Malik led the operation.

The CIA Lahore recovered property worth more than Rs. 282.9 million and arrested 253 dangerous advertisers, including 245 ordinary and court criminals. In addition, they seized illegal weapons from 39 suspects, including 39 pistols, magazines, and hundreds of bullets. The suspects were sent to jail, and Captain (R) Liaqat Ali Malik stressed that the legal action against the criminals would continue without any bias.

Overall, the police have been actively taking legal action against the criminals, and Captain (R) Liaqat Ali Malik is leading the charge against these elements of crime.

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