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Positive activities in Baluchistan

by Tariq Khan Treen
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Tariq khan treen

The government’s initiatives for sports in Baluchistan are a question mark. It is important to remember that where there are sports fields, social problems such as drug addiction, disorientation, even extremism occur naturally among young people. The rise of such problems leads to devaluation of our social values, discrimination in the features of civilization, and social distance. The occurrence of such problems leads to the destruction of the society from the youth but also from every class of thought to the society. Now that the government is over and a caretaker government has come to power, but you can not know the performance of the previous government by reading the faces of the residents of this province Baluchistan, but you can know very well how the people of this poor province were looted and thrown out of their clutches.
You look at the literacy rate in the province, which will shock you. Here every year promises are made to provide relief to the people by putting the budget of the budget, but who knows that in the eyes of these looter politicians, the purpose of relief is corruption. In the last five years, the transformational Baluchistan government has got a huge amount of Rs.3500 billion approved from the assembly of this province through the budget. What was not possible with this money, but look at the indifference of these politicians that they themselves are standing in the same assembly and saying that “we have done nothing for the people”. Perhaps not, but it is definitely a desperate attempt to garner the sympathy of the people that we will again reach out to the same people by making them badious. How many universities, colleges and a single state-of-the-art school have been built with this huge amount? Let’s tell you whether legal reforms have been carried out that have given social security to the people?
In a systematic way, thousands of teachers are recruited in a department like education department. In this recruitment process, objective type questions are asked to the candidates, on which there are rarely a few of the candidates who answer these questions relying on their ability, but the majority of the candidates are appointed by rote. Because there is no interview process later, those who put up a good rate get orders for appointment. A teacher is a chapter of good creation of the society, but the greater importance of assistant commissioner or section officer from the teacher can be gauged from the fact that eleven papers are taken from them through competitive examination. But it is possible for the teacher to achieve political interests for his appointment by adopting only one rote system. It is called teacher by rote and AC by merit.
Looking at the poor condition of the Education Department, you can well estimate the performance of the rest of the institutions. Whether it is the health sector to which human life is directly connected, or agriculture, on which the life of the working farmer of Baluchistan is connected. Here in Baluchistan, the playgrounds are deserted, due to which the youth who have to run the affairs of the same province in the future are forced to eat baskets. Due to the absence of sports in Baluchistan, the youth are suffering from mental stress and are getting attracted to drugs. The rate of mental stress is also higher in Baluchistan than the total rate of other provinces of the country. Which is the main reason for the addiction to drugs. I am mentioning here a little bit of statistics regarding drugs that will shake every sensible person, not only but it will require that everyone has to play their role to end this curse in the society in any way.
The number of drug addicts in Baluchistan is 1.6% of the population i.e. 280,000 as of June 2022. These include 80 percent of people between the ages of 20 and 40. Marijuana, heroin, opium, glass, etc. are used in addicts. Nearly 90 per cent of the material is smuggled from Helmand province of Afghanistan to Baluchistan through the Chaman border. Along with the caretaker government, civil societies, the general public, intellectuals of the society, tribal scholars and scholars should play an important role so that drugs can be eradicated from the province. But it will be necessary that the caretaker government should take steps on an emergency basis to promote sports activities at the provincial and regional levels. That is, the amount allocated in the budget for the sports institution should not be seen as corruption so that the sports field for the youth can be resettled.
The credit for this difficult situation in the field of sports goes to Mr. Abdul Khaliq Hazara, who was the Sports Minister for a long time. The provincial sports minister has been embroiled in various controversies in the media, recently a press conference was held by the jawans in which it was alleged that he had either sold the jobs or he had distributed the posting orders only to the members of his own community. In the same way, this series of accusations also reaches the point of awarding people of their own community for international sports competitions. As a result, the youth of Baluchistan are languishing in the quagmire of despair. Therefore, the caretaker government of Baluchistan should give the youth an opportunity to use their intelligence instead of disappointing them.
But despite the fact that the government remained insensitive, and in the same apathy, what happened when it left after testifying to its indifference on the assembly floor, the young men of Baluchistan and the help of God are the dedicated class who started various physical and mental activities in the province under their help. 14 different football matches were held in Sorab, Kech, Ziarat, Washak and Kohlu districts. In which more than 4000 fans participated enthusiastically. Similarly, six cricket matches were organized at different times in different districts of the province including Lasbela, Kech, Chaghi and Ziarat, in which more than 2000 fans participated and praised their respective teams. Healthy activities as well as other positive activities were held in Baluchistan. Various seminars were held in Barkhan and Harnai districts in which the topic of thalassaemia was discussed in addition to patriotism. Where the rush of hundreds of people promoted health and patriotism.
A blood donation camp was set up in Quetta in which dozens of people donated blood and proved to be humanitarian. A medical camp was set up in Barkhan in which more than 200 people were provided free check-ups and medicines. On the occasion of Kashmir Exploitation Day, rallies were organized in different districts of Baluchistan including Turbat, Loralai, Dera Murad Jamali, Pishin, Sibi and Khuzdar, in which the residents of Baluchistan participated and expressed solidarity with their Kashmiri brothers and sisters. Two speech competitions were also organized in Panjgur and Sui in which the youth participated actively. Readers, due to the availability of positive and healthy activities to the youth of Baluchistan, the feeling of deprivation in the province is decreasing slightly. Due to these activities, Baloch youth are joining the mainstream and proving to be active citizens for the construction and development of Pakistan, which is an encouraging thing for the country.

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