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Nishat Apa

by Atta Qasmi
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Atta Ul haq Qasmi

Nishat Apa lived in our neighborhood in Iqbal Town, a magnificent Kothi, handsome mian, beautiful two children and herself was also a month, due to her serious and caring nature, she was everyone’s “Nishat Apa”. I have heard that even during the university days, everyone used to call him “Nishat Apa” and he liked to be called Apa. Nishat Apa was very kind of heart, initially she used to be shocked to see or hear someone’s sorrow, but later she also started watching sad types of plays. Now the legendary collections of dukhi prem nagri also started appearing in his head. Seeing his taste, one of his friends also gifted the books of artist Allama Rashid al-Khairi. A friend of her husband who was always shaken by the fear of God He also gave him such shocking books as “Scene of Death” and “The End of The Beauties”, these books were going to encourage nishat apa’s taste, so a lot of his time was spent in reading these books and shedding tears.
Trying to give and the family would be seen urging Nishat Apa to be patient, many times Nishat Apa would see a “boil” in the porch while passing on the road, then the car would park in the corner of the road and go to his family to offer condolences. When the funeral was raised, hearing the cries of Nishat Apa, unknown people thought that this woman might be a close relative of the deceased or the deceased. Their tears did not stop at the mention of the ahl al-bayt, in the same way, there was a disaster anywhere in the whole world, there was an epidemic, the stories of people’s sufferings were common.
Then there would be tears in nishat apa’s eyes.Seeing this, the fame of his philanthropy spread all over the city, so if someone died in the helpless city and there was no one to cry over his dead body, then the welfare organizations would take Nishat Apa from the house and the sounds of crying would start coming from this helpless house. When this series went from long to long and their house seemed to be mourning instead of home, the children started being neglected, the system of the house was left in turmoil, Nishat Apa’s husband started feeling randua despite being married, Nishat Apa’s relationship with her parents, siblings and other relatives remained nominal, so everyone was very concerned about this situation.
Therefore, a meeting of the family members was held on this issue, in which it was decided that nishat apa’s grief is no longer normal but has become a psychological problem, so a psychologist should be consulted. Time was taken from a big psychiatrist in the city and Nishat Apa’s husband went to his clinic with his wife and found out that the doctor had gone to attend a funeral.
Nishat Apa’s husband told him that his wife was a strong heart from the beginning and used to feel the pain of the people and did everything for their issue, so not only in the whole family but in the whole area, people used to respect her a lot, but gradually she started changing and then after that. Apa’s husband explained the whole problem in great detail.
During this statement, the doctor’s eyes started to moisten and then he started crying, he was silenced very hard when some more things were told about Nishat Apa’s psychological problem, the doctor started crying again and this time his hiccups were tied while crying.
For the doctor, when the patient’s statement of pain became unbearable, he asked his husband to be silent with a gesture, after which he started shouting loudly, including nishat apa’s sigh, for both of them, each other’s pain was unbearable, during this time a funeral passed in front of the clinic. it happened.
Allah almighty, there are no more such compassionate people, whom he talks about hope instead of despair, prefers to laugh and cry, do we not all remember our own death when a grave will be dug and we will be buried in the mud. Hi Allah, hi Allah, there is no talk beyond that. I am going to Nishat Apa that she is a woman with a painful heart among us.

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