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The police should change now!

by naeem masood
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Naeem masood

Some comparison between past and present, as well as social and individual studies, and then taking a little attention and pondering over the data, opens a window of research that is no less than the quality paper of a famous research journal. A little understanding of the psychological and physical tendencies of political and social perception helps to impart great lessons and to solve many economic and social problems!

To begin with, I would like to say that I have gained a great understanding of my policies in the Corona pandemic through my police work! I have daily contact with universities, sometimes attending seminars here and there, but no professor has ever said, “I am sending you a link to read my social sciences article,” nor has any Ph.D. or MPhil scholar ever said, “I have brought this policy to the forefront or have received this formula.” No journal’s instructor said, “See the importance of the feature, the effects on the best features, or the critical appraisal of this feature writer.” The education subject did not say that this has been written on the golden principles of crime syndicate politics in universities. While Ph.D. scholars in criminology are still present, they criticize the air or others. I have contacts on social media with hundreds of people, some pretending to be just and some being unfair, skilled in making their leader’s shortcomings into virtues and their opposing leader’s virtues into shortcomings, but even searching with a lamp in hand, I cannot find a researcher of my subject or profession.

In any case, there is no shortage of competent individuals in departments such as the police. Believe me, if you are even slightly knowledgeable, this land is very fertile, my friend. When sharp-minded bureaucrat like Khwaja Shama’il meets with officers, they create such magnificent portraits that the professionalism of the police and other officers becomes enviable.

Hey, this Motorway Police is not inferior in standards and dignity to those in America or Britain, it never came down from the sky. Former IG Motorway Police or Punjab Police, Aamir Zulfiqar, whether I am here or there, the same goes for Alam Khaleem Imam whether he is in Sindh or leading Motorway Police. I love this profession, I am Shafiq Khan, DIG in Lahore, or the head of the Training College, I tell people that they are a precious asset. I am not a news editor, but Naib Haider (Director) as a spokesperson for IG Punjab or Punjab Police, send their performance and reports, so it becomes apparent that IG Punjab, Dr. Othman Anwar is also a sharp officer. They are determined to control dacoits in the rough areas on the borders of Punjab and Sindh. The governments of Sindh and Punjab should work to populate this area. In any case, if there are technical issues that are not understood, Naib Haider briefs them with expertise.

Once, during a talk show, Raqm made a statement about a federal health secretary that was inappropriate. Later, he received a phone call saying, “It’s my fault. If the communication system had been correct, it wouldn’t have happened!” Apparently, every organization has a communication or public relations system, and if it breaks down, misunderstandings arise, and it creates chaos within the department!

Fortunately, we found that B.A. Naseer was a police officer who went above and beyond his call of duty, and he was able to provide valuable insights to additional agencies such as the A.I.G. and the Intelligence Bureau. Even police officers from Wahdat Colony, Toba Tek Singh, Nankana Sahib, and Sheikhupura met to exchange ideas. It is said that officers like Bilal Siddique Kamyana, Mahboob Islam, Rana Ijaz Salim, Dr. Haider Ashraf, Sahil Sukhera, Bilal Iftikhar, Muhammad Hassan Iqbal, Ali Rizvi, and Faisal Kamran are the pride of the nation who possess both common sense and the core of the sense of law and order, and even if there was chaos at the Shahi Man Market, these officers would have had control over it.

In the present era, from ASI to Inspector, there are educated and empathetic representatives of society, yet why aren’t they depicted in a traditional image? A think tank should be formed comprising police officers, psychological experts, legal experts, and sociological experts from all provinces! If possible, police stations will have to be removed from haunted houses and dilapidated buildings.

I understand that bringing about real reforms and reaping their benefits is not an easy task, but when there are more goals, challenges also naturally increase, and complacency leads to losing the destination. What good is a romanticized vision of progress that has tranquility on one side and challenges on the other?

Although officers can hold the rank of colonel in both Motorway Police and the Federal Police, the rank of colonel can also be introduced in traditional police stations if society and related institutions also take responsibility. The Federal Police is also in Islamabad, where there is one IG, several DIGs, and SPs, but there are incomplete procedures, a lack of merit, discretionary treatment, hateful behavior, and weak record-keeping… Why is that?

It is not a tragedy that society is still as afraid of the police as it is of the criminal, the criminal and the accused are more or less treated the same, there is a provision to file a digital report but the FIR is still loose if the accused party is stable. If the plaintiff is an “artisan” then a fifth FIR against the tree, according to a recent survey, police station Sambarial (Sialkot), police station Zafarwal (Narowal), police station Bara Kahu Islamabad, police station Karachi Company Islamabad, Shirakot Lahore. , Kalorkot Bhakar, Abdul Hakeem Khaniwal, and many other police stations are going back fifty years. Among the important divisions, 139 police stations in Lahore Division, 151 in Sukkur, 152 in Hyderabad, 116 in Karachi Division, 53 in Peshawar Division, and 35 in Quetta Division are still showing the traditional police station culture of Bhakkar Mianwali and Rajanpur. Is it not possible for the honest focus on these divisions to travel towards the backward divisions as well? And what to say about a city, the naka culture of Karachi and Lahore is somewhat less than the naka culture of some officers. Lahore’s traffic warden is degraded compared to the past, if there are six people in a square, five appear on the “mobile course”, but if you see The Police Officer 2002, you will feel that the system will be better than Norway, but during the British Marka system of 1861. It is visible. Social evolution will lead to a lack of harmony. The whole system of Pakistan and especially Punjab and Sindh depends on a good District Police Officer and Police Station SHO and not on any act or system as it is necessary to avoid compromise schemes from Provincial Officers and Divisional to District Officers.

It is important that where the officers conduct themselves scientifically, there should be improved police resources, modern training, a better quality of appointment, curbing of political interference, increased intelligence capabilities, integrated social linkages, systematic training, and modern equipment for counter-terrorism. Provision of, ACR with international exposure and strict punishment for repeated disregard of law and arbitrariness is also necessary irrespective of the level of the officer. The streak will remain. If society wants the police to help it, society also has to help the police, that there are hardworking and angry people who have dedicated themselves to society!

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