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Parliament vs. Such Audacity?

by Afzaal rehan
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Afzaal rehan

One of the founders of Pakistan, Khawaja Nazimuddin, who was also the country’s Governor-General and Prime Minister, was asked by someone which position he had more power in. He replied, “When I was Governor-General, the Prime Minister was more powerful, and when I became Prime Minister, the Governor-General had more power.” The point is that some rules and regulations say anything, and some people are so noble and arrogant that they jump even on small positions. And if such skilled people are unfortunately appointed to important positions, then the same thing happens that has been happening in our Supreme Judiciary for some time. The remedy for this problem is nothing but to not only make their surroundings strict rules and regulations, but also to eliminate discretionary powers, and only Parliament can lift this heavy stone. But if the power of Parliament is challenged, then the one who holds the stick will become the buffalo. This is the tried and tested formula of centuries.

At this time, the unfortunate Pakistan is suffering from the mud that has been cooked or the smoke of anarchy. There is no one irrational or incompetent behind it that people think that if such issues are resolved or such people are removed, then the system of this country will improve. So this country’s constitution and democracy are hanging by a thread, and the situation can only improve if people start following the constitution and the law.

The reason for this is that just as the birth of this country happened in a normal way, its upbringing has also been normal, and this month has also emerged. If a youth comes a talented and intelligent child, it is called blossoming, just as youth is blossoming, but the locks are separated. If the moths also acquire some education or responsibilities on the grindstone, they begin to show some improvement. As a nation, we sometimes also show or will show such things, but our essence will not change until we fundamentally change our direction. The example of removing an undesirable animal from a well may not be appropriate in terms of elegance here.

Today, a power-hungry, self-serving, and party-oriented person who manipulates arguments in the name of constitution, law, and justice, will no doubt have the support of many people who, while claiming to seek justice, are actually fighting a war against the constitution. However, to understand someone’s situation, the past is the best document, as it is said that a person may be a thief, but he would not change his nature in the eyes of the public, even if he were to go on a diamond heist. In our own supreme judiciary, a case of a human leader from Karachi was brought up, where he had defied the law and committed corruption, and according to the tradition established by the institution a few years ago, his punishment would have been the same as that given to the prime minister who had been elected three times under a specific agenda, and had been accused and vilified with blind allegations and labels, and had been subjected not only to harsh criticism but also to full-fledged punishment. But here, that person began to cry, as if such a small punishment for such a trivial matter was draconian. No one had the courage to ask him, “What was the bandage over your blessed eyes a few years ago?”

If there is any sense of pride among the members of the “N” league, they should refuse to participate in any negotiation that compromises their values. With the help of Allah and the spiritual fervor of Maulana, they should gather the strength to stand firm and say to all those who seek justice, whether in government or outside, that until the scales of justice are balanced, we will neither sit idly by nor allow anyone to play cricket or use abusive language. They should remove the black sheep from their ranks, leave behind traditionalists, and bring energetic people to the forefront. They should organize their social media and encourage young activists, especially lawyers, to be more active in their propaganda campaigns and make their opponents unsuccessful. If a fanatic person is not being disqualified or arrested by the people, they should clean up their legal team, take responsibility, and rely on their performance and output. The leader herself should also take some minority views into account. It is the wish of the humble that small leaders should be sent home with judicial martial law, which will benefit the “N” league’s statement, and the person himself will be able to improve his political position despite his failures through this political martyrdom.

The other party has inserted additional officials who are either going to have to negotiate for a fee cut or risk being humiliated, as their actions that violate legal boundaries and walls are only harming themselves. Why do they issue orders to small merchants and humiliate them for non-compliance? According to tradition, the real person should be invited to present themselves and explain what happened. Then, the court should determine what is legitimate and what is not. You should take the case to a logical conclusion, as you did when you set up the Punjab government, changing the legal Pentheri for corrupt individuals, which made your blood boil as you saw millions of voters’ representatives being deprived of their right to vote without proper investigation. Appeals were pending in the High Court, but everything was bulldozed by the Election Commission’s authority, where one party was simply dismissed, and the other’s right to a fair hearing was completely denied. The presiding judge was made OSD, and the registry in Quetta and Lahore was deserted. After the vote of no confidence, the assembly could not be dissolved, and the Constitution is clear that those who openly challenge it will not even reach its threshold. Those who openly challenged the Constitution did not even leave a scratch on your forehead, and they may not have even been aware of the arguments. The fire they did not ignite on their own may have been ignited by benches created in the morning, afternoon, and evening, breaking something that was scandalous in the national media.

Even if all these statements are meaningless propaganda and are rejected, standing in front of the representative parliament of twenty crore people, I will not allow them to create laws or regulations. Who are you, brother? What is your domain? Are you also present in the parliament as a shameless dictator? Then who do you call a dictator? You say that the child in the mother’s womb will not even be born, let alone have the audacity to hold the Constitution, law, and justice. Punjab’s elections have already been declared impossible on May 14 when all of you, under the shadow of a controversial person, will not be able to unite, not just the federation but the entire nation should have one stance, that the national and provincial assemblies’ elections should be held together whenever they are held, and the date given by the election commission on October 8 should not be challenged.

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