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“Palestine is the first issue of the Muslim world”

by Gee Tv
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The crisis in Palestine has been the most complex challenge and an international issue for more than seven decades. Due to the ruthless, expansionist, and inhumane policies and actions of the Zionist regime, the oppressed Palestinian people are not only deprived of their legitimate and irrevocable rights, but their situation worsens day by day. These policies and actions are not only contrary to the principles, goals, and international law of the United Nations Charter but also a violation of international human rights and humanitarian law. Every day, the Zionist regime commits blatant, continuous, and systematic violations of human rights, including the rights of children. Bringing relations with this regime that kills children to normalcy will not only fail to establish peace in Palestine but also encourage more oppression and occupation by this regime. Al-Quds is the land of the Palestinian people and the first qibla of Muslims. It cannot be bought or occupied by anyone. The Palestinian people have resisted illegal occupation and seizure of their fundamental rights, especially the right to self-determination and their land, through legitimate defense.”

The issue of Palestine is not just a problem for Palestinians, but it is a priority issue for the Muslim world. “International Quds Day” has become an important symbol of global resistance against the systematic violation of the natural and fundamental rights of the Palestinian people, terrorism, ethnic bigotry, and injustice.

The nature of the Israeli apartheid regime’s terrorism is evident from the daily killings of ordinary citizens, prominent Arabs, and Iranian scientists. International Quds Day is a manifestation of the unity of the Islamic community and a sign of standing up against the law-breaking, occupying, and destructive atomic regime in Western Asia.

Respect for “resistance against the objectives of Palestine and the violence of the racist regime” is the criterion for evaluating “justice” for the world. The Islamic Republic of Iran supports the Palestinian people with pride and Quds Day is a sequence of efforts by a nation to regain its homeland.

The Islamic Republic of Iran emphasizes making the issue of Palestine the first and fundamental issue of the Muslim world and defeats the efforts of global Zionism to forget it.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has proposed a republican and fair approach titled “Referendum in Palestine” to resolve the crisis in Palestine. This approach will be a suitable alternative to previous unsuccessful projects. The foundation of this approach is based on the right to self-determination. The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the only possible solution is to hold a national referendum with the participation of all genuine Palestinians, including Muslims, Jews, and Christians.

There are four fundamental stages involved in this plan:

  1. The implementation of the right of return for Palestinian refugees to their original and historical homeland.
  2. The holding of a national referendum among the original inhabitants of Palestinian land, including representatives of all religions who resided in Palestine before the Balfour Declaration, in order to determine the form of self-determination and political system.
  3. The formation of a political system in accordance with the majority will of the Palestinian people.
  4. Decision-making regarding the status of non-resident Palestinians through the selected political system of the majority. (The author of this article is the Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Lahore.)

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