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Concerns against the Chief Minister of Punjab

by naeem masood
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Naeem masood

It is said that the real and natural life of the Chief Minister of Punjab’s vigilant ministry has ended, and what is currently happening is just a bonus. However, the lack of interest from Raqm-al-Huroof (the author) is such that he has not searched for any good quality or entrusted any immature work to his pen. It could also be said that they are part of Asif Ali Zardari’s journalistic gate, but this fact was not significant to Raqm, as they are related to the Chaudhry family, and they are certainly close to them, so what difference does it make? If they had a deep connection with Mian Amer Mahmood, then the son of their close friend was made the Chief Minister at a young age, so what’s the issue? If they were related to the late Pervez Malik Khan’s family, then their brother also became a minister. It is not a crime, it was their right to make whoever they wanted part of their team. The name “Kamal” was the hallmark of those who came from political parties for the high ministry, retired bureaucrats were like machines, what did they do when the moving parts of the machine stopped working, and they could not do anything?

The effort and desire of the poor seem to be in vain when they cannot find any treasures, jewels, or snakes like cobras in someone’s treasure chest. Nonetheless, the matter of people is such that they demand even the impossible from the creation of the city. It is rumored that the vigilant Prime Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, has taken the initiative to appoint vice-chancellors of a particular religious group in 19 universities. Someone has fulfilled their sectarian desires by igniting this baseless rumor, and it spread like wildfire through the streets, markets, and cell phones. Has anyone believed it? Has anyone ever found any evidence? Then why create such chaos?

The commotion is happening because Mohsin Naqvi made Sahil Naqvi a convener of the Vice Chancellors’ Search Committee. Hey brother, there is also a person named Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qureshi, also known as ZIQ, in these four types of committees, who, during the tenure of Shahbaz Sharif’s ministry, elevated GCU’s Higher Education to a board position. He himself is successful in this self-made throne that if he looks down, the ground kisses. Anyone who wants to see them, they fall back in pursuit of seeing them. No psychological patient has ever emerged who has been a member of every good and bad education committee in the past but has been extremely unsuccessful. But Dr. Sahil Naqvi is such a smart person who, apart from being down to earth, is also the executive director of HEC and has been one of the most successful university vice-chancellors. Therefore, the opponents have removed all the arrows from the quiver for him! Imran Khan’s sharp critics cannot see anything except Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qureshi, who is the holder of “psychological insight”, and the principals of two women who have remained the principal of the same institution are also included in the search committee. They are unknown in terms of choosing or keeping famous and high-education leaders for their mutual war. But our friend has brought up the old Shiah-Sunni dispute. We have no problem, whether it is the Brotherhood of Azam in universities or the war of chairs somewhere.

Is there someone who can be my companion in my loneliness, raise their voice for plagiarism and harassment culture, talk about government grants for universities, and also care about the culture of entrepreneurship and community centers in universities? The vice-chancellors of the University of Gujarat and UET Lahore have destroyed the universities, let them not sink. The bureaucracy and Rana Tanveer, in the Federal, have taken the selection of vice-chancellors of universities to court because of their prejudice and shortsightedness. The important position of the Executive Director of HEC has been vacant for a long time, and former bureaucrat Shoaib Sahi has not left any stone unturned to fill the position. Non-standard universities are being promoted on political grounds, and many registrars, treasurers, and pro-vice-chancellors in universities are not concerned about their appointments for many months. Vice-chancellors are not even prepared to accept the existence of pro-vice-chancellors, as if the university is not a national institution but Khala Ji’s home, although separate pro-vice-chancellors for finance, research, and administration are necessary to run the business of Gulshan.

Rather, there should be a vice chancellor near the two who can oversee community centers, arts and entertainment, and non-academic activities for students! Have these agencies ever been helpful to universities? Has the district administration ever opened its heart to universities? No, universities are never made up of Shia Sunni, Punjabi Baloch, or Arain Jat and Rajput, but rather they are a treasure trove of policy-making, research, industrial economics, and industrial links where research and educational questions are raised… Sometimes students should also consider ending the scarcity of men! Equipment in physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, biotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences, and other laboratories throughout Pakistan are not instruments but a shadow of damage! Is there anyone who cares about its pain, the role, expression, and dignity of provincial HECs that are being created in the context of the 18th Amendment? Not thinking about it is also a great educational and research sin, so don’t just get stuck in Shia-Sunni propaganda!

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