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Five Challenges

by Muhammad Mehdi
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In 2019, I went to the Brookings Institute, and I still maintain regular contact with them. A friend from there sent me an article from January 2023 hidden in the Brookings Institute, which discusses the progress of these issues in Pakistan. According to the article, Pakistan faces five challenges this year. April has passed, but if we take a closer look, we will feel that most of these issues require editorial attention and one issue is such that the reporter in China is still writing about it, but this Chinese view is only a matter of perspective, while it needs urgent action. Mentioning these issues, political instability and political polarization in Pakistan were put in the top position. Unfortunately, political instability has become a constant part of life in Pakistan, and the only reason for this is that this political instability was aimed at us, and if the country could not be managed, the current government should not have had the opportunity either, otherwise, it would have been an understandable attitude to continue to resign from the National Assembly after the vote of no confidence and make noise about it. While present in the National Assembly, the role of the opposition party should have been played, and resignation should not have been played. The word “play” has been used for this reason because now the situation is such that our resignations.

Is this a joke? Is it some kind of game or spectacle? Then political instability was further strengthened in such a way that the world, especially the law-abiding world, was amazed that in just a few weeks, two different interpretations emerged in the same type of case, and only one person benefited from both interpretations, and the foundations of the current crisis were made stronger. When you take on a position, it is also your responsibility to fulfill the demands of that position so that its impression and influence can be maintained. If the only purpose of coming to a position is to gain power and there is no difference in behavior, then nothing is gained except for harm. After the Second World War, Vienna was looted, but the looters did not take the inherited bookstores because they were not valuable to them. The bookstores were deserted and the wanderers eyed them. They picked up books and began selling them. After some time, people realized that the discussions of these wanderers were using high-level scientific skills. Everyone was surprised, and when research began, it became clear that these wandering booksellers were reading the books before selling them, so they were determining the value of the books. Therefore, their conversations changed.

But even more astonishing was the fact that there was no difference in their living conditions, and the reason for this was that they only read books for entertainment purposes and did not use them for practical purposes. Therefore, their social status was not affected. When we study the attitudes of those who follow in the footsteps of Saqi Nisar, it becomes clear that their level is only such that their selection process can be influenced, and they can perform dramas because reading books was only for entertainment purposes, not to maintain their position. The second challenge was the economic situation, and the fact is that the state is facing severe problems in fulfilling its expenditures and keeping the people’s households running. The people are desperately wishing for the inflation to decrease and for the River Ravi project to proceed, but the situation is that the IMF has imposed strict conditions, which means that our Western friends are complaining that Pakistan is increasing debts with this and that country, although Pakistan wants a balanced foreign policy. However, when we do not receive support from one side, it is natural to look in the direction from which help can be received. The third issue was the statement regarding flood victims’ recovery, but when the economy is in a downturn, then the recovery of victims is a very difficult task.

This challenge now is that the beginning of summer has started again, followed by the monsoon. It is heard that this year there will be more rain than usual, and if that happens, it will be the most significant challenge. The fourth challenge is the resurgence of terrorism. At a national health conference, a decision was made to revoke the previous government’s short-sighted measures, but research is also needed to determine if these measures were due to a lack of understanding or if there were hidden motives. The final challenge was the statement about military relations with Seoul. It was written earlier that the situation is currently only in China, but it is a matter of necessity, even though it should have been necessary. Until this sword hangs over Pakistan that its military relations can be destroyed here, and as a result, any doctrine can be imposed, the fruits of democracy cannot be realized.

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