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Obstacles to digital skills for Children

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Obstacles to digital skills for children with tablets and phones According to a report, the use of mobile devices by children is creating obstacles in acquiring important technological skills.

An educational institution in Australia has said that since 2011, there has been a significant decline in students who have obtained IT education on a large scale.

“Using computers does not improve students’ performance,” the report said.

According to the report, children are acquiring different types of skills on tablets and smartphones compared to the technical skills required in the workplace.

Changes in the way information and communication technology were taught in Australian schools, according to the report, have contributed to this decline.

According to the report, changes in the tools used by people are also a reason on a large scale. The National Assessment Program in Australia examined the teaching of technology among different groups of children. One group was from primary school while the other was in their fourth year of secondary school. Over ten thousand children participated in this study.

In this study, the digital education of students was compared during the years 2011 and 2014. According to the report, “When compared with the previous group of children, a significant decline was observed in the educational performance of ICT (Information and Communication Technology).”

According to the numbers, the performance of the group in 2014, which included students aged 16, was lower than any previous group.

According to the report, the decline in performance is alarming and requires extreme attention.

During the exam, students used mobile technology to the maximum extent possible, which means they are using the skills according to ICT education minimally.

This report warns that the idea that children who use tablets and other devices are more capable is completely wrong.

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