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Real anti-corruption measures have begun!

by Hina Pervaiz Butt
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Hina pervaiz butt

“There is a date in history that this truth does not hide, nor does it spread lies. History will tell that even after showing the public the mirage for four years, the betrayer of his own party’s members continued his mission of deceiving them in Zaman Park because when the dust of the Zakat scandal settled, he took eight crores from the Punjab Assembly candidates in the guise of funds.

The people know that on the one hand, there is a group spreading propaganda in the name of elections, while on the other hand, there is a team working to prevent the country from becoming bankrupt and to make it stable from day one. Kudos to the team that, with the help of the Almighty, saved the country from bankruptcy before signing a contract with the IMF. All guarantees for the IMF have been obtained, and after that, the treaty with Pakistan will be signed in ten days. After that, a new era of Pakistan’s progress will begin, and the disappointment in Zaman Park will be burnt to ashes.

The regional landscape is changing rapidly. China has erased the line of conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran and included Pakistan as an essential element in this important triangle. However, the self-made fake and ignorant leader of the Muslim Ummah kept spinning lies while sitting in Zaman Park. On the other hand, the Pakistan Save Team, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, continued to work on two fronts. One team made practical efforts to save Pakistan from financial and political crises, while the other team, under the leadership of the Chief of Army Staff, fulfilled its duty in China.”

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