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Obstacle in the way of taxes and facts people!

by naeem masood
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Naeem masood

There was moisture in the eyes and wet words on the lips, knowing the psychology of the corridors of power, the balconies of the bureaucracy, despite having the privilege, the result that was coming out of his unspoken and helplessness was only that these so-called civil servants, with silken rhetoric. The public has no meaning in front of the politicians who run the affairs and the people who contradict their words and deeds, whose stick is his buffalo, the bigger the grade or wealth, the wider the lust and the narrow and dark heart, the mind is just for doing politics. ! In front of them, the image of the middle class is helpless, while the poor, where is the human being to ask for human rights?

A pioneer of Punjab with wet eyes said that the name starts with Muhammad and ends with Ali, I requested him that I want to submit tax but the Excise Inspector does not want to collect tax, she just wants to have fun by torturing him, he says. He was changed, an inquiry was made, but all lies, however, Saeed was proved for the questioner, one level junior to him, and Mubarak, he also told the truth that the ignorant officers do not want to collect taxes, people want to deposit them. At each stage again such officers are obstacles (since she was a woman, the questioner kept the illusion but the upper civil servant did not).

Some authorities have the illusion of oppressors, and some “authorities” are also stepfathers for their duty in the beloved country. Long story short, those officers who are afraid of their transfer, neither of the inquiry, nor of the illusion of their boss, nor of the court and the national treasury, actually reach the DG or the secretary! Well, what do the bright eyes of a citizen know about the honor of a citizen and his position?

Who will explain to these rulers that the non-technical (bureaucrats) of the technical departments make the DG dance the triple dance from common soldier to inspector, from common officer to director until his understanding of law or principle begins to explode. He is sent to another department “front” to play with new “experiments”! Can any chief secretary, any IG police or any court tell how Gulshan’s business can be run in such dire circumstances and departments? He who did not submit, whose stick is his buffalo! A professor, an intellectual, an elegant commoner will not have a legitimate job, and those idolaters and fire worshipers who open the door with a sneeze, have a full wallet, wear a black coat or have a broken-down car are probably also illegal. Be legitimate!

Raqim believes that if the nation and elites, including the “bureau elites”, put human rights, developmental needs and the settlement of the global village at the forefront, we would be traveling in circles, looking in police stations and testing the motorways police. There is a difference between heaven and earth for a police officer. The effects of the ecosystem cannot be forgotten until the head of the hospital, university and ministry is professional.

After several months, the grassroots of a social disturbance should be considered as catharsis, otherwise the political aspects remain confused. The idea was that in post Corona, community medicine, public health will be focused on, blended education will be promoted, central and provincial tax culture will be improved, taxes will be extracted from land mafia and landlords and not only the first tax payers will be squeezed. Alas, it did not happen. Why didn’t it happen? The policy makers and bureaucracy are selfish and not patriots, the mentioned excise and taxation, income tax and police or bureaucracy can only bring positive results if there is leadership.

Instead of search and research of creation, who will change the mind immersed in plagiarism and nepotism? All these chief secretary, commissioners and DG are a burden on the nation. After the district heads, in the case of provincial heads, secretaries are enough and they are in direct contact with the chief minister. Twenty secretaries don’t do anything except to keep mud in the water, so the minister should take the responsibility of heading the department himself, why use each other’s shoulder without justification?

“Educated” officers are only loyal to the state, it is less visible. It seems that the reports of secret agencies on the professionalism of the officers and the new appointments are remembered: They used to hear a lot of noise in the side of the heart / Jo Chera Toh Ek Kartare Khon Na Khala! Some time ago, in the same government, an associate professor was appointed as a member of the Planning Commission, who was previously the vice chancellor of a university. How intellectuals like Ahsan Iqbal were forced to give place in the Wazir Daman? Ibn Insha said: “Those who still take the name of Wafa.” They cheat and deceive. Yes, we have ordered by spitting. Everything is temporary”

The tragedy is that within a few years of the establishment of Pakistan, the red tape has shaped the social behavior in such a way that the judges, generals and bureaucracy are always milk washed, only the politician is bad. In fact, this is an eternal propaganda against democracy, although the establishment of countries and the rise of political leadership are dependent on them, not their replacement.

The term or philosophy of Civil Servant has not been understood till date by Civil Servants themselves, they understand that they are not for the people but the people are for them. This attitude increased anxiety and violence many times. As long as there is no real reforms in the official darkness, it is not possible for the departments to be better, the tax culture to be developed or the word of the law to be high, many officers are the wall in the way of the implementation of the law and the payment of taxes!

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