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by Professor Abdullah Bhatti
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Professor Abdullah Bhatti

On Sunday I was at home enjoying a cold, sweet red watermelon. Red sweet watermelon has been my weakness since childhood, being from a landed family. By putting the cold end of the tubewell under the stream of fast water, I first cooled the watermelons, then I put my head under the stream and enjoy the cold waterfall water to remove the heat of the body, then I ate watermelons with my hands in the water tank. My favorite pastime was with friends. Even today, I used to attack watermelons with black salt in my childhood. I was not in the mood to meet any visitor and listen to his sad story of depression, instead I reached the door in a little angry anger, wondering who had come and interrupted my favorite action, but when I opened the door, I saw the face standing in front of me. I got angry and off mood. Akram, my friend from my childhood and youth was standing at the door. Seeing me, he went ahead and embraced me with warmth. He was also happy to see me home and hugged me and said, Sir, you are at home. I was very scared that you don’t meet people on holidays, but I took the risk that if I was lucky, I would meet, otherwise I would greet home and friend’s place and return back. If it was someone else, I would not be happy at all. But I was really happy to see Akram Balle. Our high school classmate failed in the frog, so he left his studies and rode the Tange. Father used to ride the Tange for a long time. Sahib started to make him sit on his lap. I climbed the educational ladder and went ahead, but if I met him sometimes, I would meet him very happily. His name was Muhammad Akram, but because of such actions, he was known as Bill It was done in the game that we used to participate in as children. It used to be in the first row, climbing tall dangerous trees, even the most difficult palm tree touching the sky. Touching trees, it climbs on palm trees, it jumps up in a moment, instead of swimming straight on the canal and river, it swims upside down. He was a young man with a short stature and a strong body, who used to catch chickens, when he ran two or three times and caught a wild rabbit by the hand, people called him that he ran as fast as a bat and was a good kabaddi player. His moving cleverness made him stand out everywhere, because of his actions, he was a little hero, a leader, he jumped into everything fearlessly, so he was famous even in the surrounding villages. He used to hunt native chickens, sometimes he used to make a mess of the dogs, sometimes he was seen shouting loud slogans in the contests of native chickens, he was prominent because of his qualities or actions. After studying, he went to Mount Murree to get a job, but whenever he met, he would remember the days of his youth and his mischief. I earned halal sustenance. Whenever I met him, I would ask him if he needed any help. He would put his hand on his chest and say, Sir, it is the grace of Mullah. This is enough. I also asked a few friends that how Bula is the owner of character, so the friends told me of pride and ego that Bula is a jealous person, he earns a halal livelihood and does not extend his hand to anyone. Then one day I saw Bula. Instead of Tange, he was seen riding Chung Chi and said, Mr. Chung Chi has eaten Tange, so I also had to take Chung Chi. Now this is my Tange. With a calm, friendly smile on his face, no complaints, calm, contented, full of colors of life, because he was used to hard work from childhood, he was a born sportsman, so he was also full of athletic sportsmanship. If you meet them, you will feel that they see everything in a positive way, have a friendly attitude, give encouragement, do not say sad, despairing things and do not encourage the opponent to despair. I like people who Grateful for Allah’s blessings in the present, who do not mourn past failures nor fear the future that exists.

Live it to the fullest. Even today, I was very surprised when Bila came to me because Bila had never come home to meet me in Lahore. My close friend has come to prepare a nice feast for him. The bat stopped me a lot saying that there is no need to eat but I said today we will eat together after a long time. I was looking because he had come for some special work or reason, this was not a normal meeting some special work or compulsion had brought the bat to my house now I was groping him on various pretexts but not telling him why he was with me. He has come, but I knew that this was not a normal meeting. His modesty, ego and pride were not allowing him. He was not telling because of his jealous nature. While he was eating, I was happy. After the meal, the tea came. Now he was changing his side on the sofa. He also knew that after the tea, his There will be no reason to sit, that’s why he was trying to pass through the road at that moment. He refused, but he came and said, “My friend, I have heard that you and your friends also give charity and help the poor. Then his body trembled, he began to tremble, and then he wiped his handkerchief over his eyes. He kept crying and started hiccups. He said with great difficulty, “Dude, the inflation has become too much. I had sold Chung Chi because of my wife’s operation. Today, I am running it. Inflation has eaten up people like us. Dude, charity has also been given to me.” Then he quickly got up and left despite me stopping him. I was thinking watching him go. Please .

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