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We are ashamed

by Yasir Pirzada
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If anyone thinks that those who set fire to the houses and churches of Christian brothers in Jaranwala can be persuaded by quoting the Quran and Hadith that they have done wrong and against Islam, then this is his misconception. We have all seen videos in which ‘angry mobs’ are setting fire to private and public property, perhaps only one-half of the people involved in this mob pray regularly and that too on Friday. It was about those who were part of the mob, those who made announcements from mosques and incited people’s emotions and provoked them.
That they should climb on the roofs of churches and break the crosses and burn the houses and places of worship of Christ’s, even these clerics would never have read the Qur’an with a complete translation. If they had read the entire Qur’an with translation, they would have known what the Qur’an says about the prophets of Allah, including Jesus, and the holy books revealed to them. I remember at least five such verses. “He who sent down to you the Book with truth, confirming what was before Him, sent down the Torah and the Gospel before him.” (Al-Imran, verse 3). ’’”And We sent after them Jesus bin Maryam, confirming the Book before us, the Torah, and We gave them the Gospel, which contained light and guidance, and confirmed the Torah before us, and it was a guidance and an admonition to the Parse people. (Al-Maida, verse 46). “Say, ‘O people of the Book! You do not establish the Torah and the Gospel and all that has been sent down to you from your Lord, and what has been sent down to you from your Lord will increase many of them into mischief and disbelief, so that you do not grieve over the disbelievers. (Al-Maida, verse 68). “Yet after them We sent Our Messengers one after another, and after them We sent Jesus bin Maryam and gave them the Gospel and created compassion and mercy in the hearts of their followers” (Al-Hadid, verse 27). “When Allah will say, ‘O Jesus bin Maryam, remember My reward which was bestowed upon you and your mother when I supported you with the Holy Spirit.’ “You used to speak to people in your lap and at an old age when I taught you the Book and wisdom, and the Torah and the Gospel…” (Al-Maida, verse 110). Apart from these five verses, the Torah and the Gospel have been confirmed in the Qur’an and these books have been declared sacred, but as I said, the crowds who burnt the churches and houses of Christians would never have seen the Qur’an openly. Is dar?
First of all, they are responsible, no adult can be allowed to say that I came to set fire to people’s houses and places of worship after being deceived, this is a serious and unforgivable crime, which has no justification. The other responsible are all those people.
Those who promoted extremist thinking in the society are also among the scholars and columnists, teachers of universities and politicians. If you pick up their statements, read their writings, listen to lectures or review their sermons delivered in mosques, you will get an idea less than a minute before how they mislead people by wearing the garb of religion for cheap fame. Today, all these people are also issuing statements condemning and regretting that Christian brothers and sisters have been wronged in Jaranwala even though they are equally involved in this crime.
On such occasions, another thing is said that minorities have equal rights in our Constitution and the state stands with the minorities. These things have now started to look hollow and the reason for this is our hypocritical attitude and double standards towards minorities. Let’s do an experiment. Leave your city for a month and move to an area where no one knows you, change your name and call yourself a Christian, look for a job, and then see if people treat you exactly the same way as you were a Muslim or it makes a difference!
Now let’s talk about the police. When people were rioting in Jaranwala, the police were present on the spot but watching the spectacle, on such occasions, the police often smell the snake, they have a fabricated excuse that ‘people’s emotions were agitated and it was not possible to stop them’. When does the feelings of the angry crowd come to terms And when did he go out to carry out a flag march in the city with his chest stretched out? In fact, we have learned a word ‘sensitive’ and by using this word anywhere, we are absolved of our duties.
I do not remember exactly, maybe it is eight to ten months ago, in some area of Sindh, some such people went out to vandalize under the guise of blasphemy, when the concerned SP came to know, he reached the spot and lathi charged and brought the situation under control. If an SP of Sindh can do this, why can’t the rest of the police force?
One way to solve the Jaranwala tragedy is that the madrassas of Punjab should set up a joint fund and collect donations in it and present it to the victims of the Jaranwala tragedy and say that we are ashamed. If we can’t do that, then all the rest are empty things, wait for the next tragedy.

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