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Ninety days of caretaker government and new questions..

by Muhammad khan Abro
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Muhammad khan abro

Not once or twice, but many times, I have been repeating this thing in the past that apart from the political instability in the country, the thinking of the country’s real leaders is also such that the general elections in the country can not be held on time in any way. Announced or expressed which proves that elections cannot be held on time in any way in the country, in order to implement this old plan of the establishment, the Election Commission should issue a schedule for making fresh changes under the digital census data. According to the schedule, the final list of restrictions will be released on December 14, 2023, from which it can be estimated when the elections will be held. In a meeting of the Election Commission held two days ago, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has decided to carry out fresh restrictions under the officially released figures of the latest Digital Census 2023.
According to the election commission’s announcement, arrangements will be completed from August 22, 2023 to August 31, 2023, in which district, taluka maps and census district-wise reports, census circular blocks maps will be obtained from the state governments. The district-wise quota of national and provincial assembly seats will be decided, after which the list of initial restrictions will be published from September 8 to October 7, after which objections can also be submitted on the restrictions, objections will also be raised and the final list of restrictions will be released on December 14. It is being said that only after the final list of restrictions, the schedule for holding general elections in the country can be released within 90 days, which has made it clear that elections will not be held within 90 days after the dissolution of the National Assembly and provincial assemblies.
That the first tactic of complicating the case is that after the restrictions, when the Election Commission will start preparing the voter lists, not only this, but imagine that in the meantime, if any “most part of the country” goes to the court with any objection against the restrictions, then how long does it take to tell the verdict inside the courts? All is not happening and even if we look at the mere schedule of restrictions by the Election Commission, I think now there is no possibility of elections being held before the first week of March or the last week of February. After the dissolution of the National Assembly on August 9, the general elections should have been held within 90 days before December 9, but under the new census, the possibility of holding general elections within 90 days on the pretext of holding restrictions has been dropped.
This can certainly be a great good news for those in the caretaker government but for all the rest of the country at the same time it is also shocking. Caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar’s caretaker cabinet includes 16 federal ministers, three advisers, while the caretaker prime minister has also appointed six special assistants. We Many people have been surprised by the sudden appointment of Solangi as a federal minister, and many people, including us, have also been happy that a brave character like Madad Ali Sindhi has been given the portfolios of important ministries of the country. Could it benefit someone or harm someone?
You may recall that the Punjab Assembly was dissolved on January 14, 2023, so if you look at the constitution, elections in Punjab would have been held within 90 days because the Punjab Assembly has completed 90 days on April 13. Not only this, the Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was also dissolved on January 18, which has also completed 90 days. Similarly, now that the National Assembly and the Sindh Assembly of the country have also collapsed, the Election Commission’s schedule of restrictions has come on top of it, from which you can guess thatWhen will these ninety days of caretaker government end? I understand that the pti might have suffered a big loss at first to increase the tenure of the caretaker government, but now it may not make much difference to them whether the elections are held or not because the PTI has been strengthened in such a strong way that now they are left with only the first option to save their lives.
By ruling for years, killing people in inflation has not even buried the sympathy and love for Nawaz Sharif from their hearts, but it has definitely reduced it. The biggest loss of the delay in the elections by moving away from the rest of the small and big parties of the PDM can be the PPP because after the PTI hit the wall, the pml-N’s condition has also become full, after which the PPP has once again become the hope of the people. That is why the PPP hopes to emerge as the largest party in the country once again in the elections this time. This is the reason why the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has strongly opposed the election commission’s statement of delaying the elections and has started considering going to the Supreme Court on the matter. The PPP protested, saying that there is no mention of restrictions in the constitution, leave the restrictions, hold elections.
It is obvious that the elections have to be held by the Election Commission, the Election Commission had to make sure that they would have done it first or even if the elections were completed in two months.It may be, but here the matter is about the whole advance planning, that is, it can also be said that through advance planning, the PTI was first left behind and then its neck was tied with a hand.
Similarly, the PML-N was also given a government for one and a half years so that they could lose the so-called people due to bad governance. In the same way, the process of increasing the election period by making new changes on the basis of digital census also seems to involve the same thinking and similar planning because if there had not been such planning in advance, then suddenly the names of the announced caretaker prime minister and ministers would not have been intimate at all.

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