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Story of Hazrat Shirin!

by Gee Tv
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When Iran was conquered, Bibi Shahr Banu, one of the two daughters of the King of Iran, was married to Imam Al-Husain (a).
And asked him to go back to his native country, then Shirin said, “Master, all the babies are talking about the marriage of Ali Akbar, maula, you should let us stay here till then, Maula Imam Al-Husain (a) said in the language of Imamate, “I give you the language of the Imam of the time that when Ali Akbar gets married, his baraat will stay in your house one night.” On hearing this, when she started to go to the bath with joy, Bibi zainab bint Ali took the feet and thanked her for keeping her like a sister’s daughter and asked Bibi Zainab bint Ali (a) for any special advice. Shirin promised to fulfill the requirement and went back to her native country.
On the 27th of Muharram 61 A.H., all the arrangements for the baraat of Shirin Ali Akbar had been completed, so she sent her husband out of the city to welcome her, but in the evening, her husband returned worried and said that there is no sign of Ali Akbar’s baraat far away, but there is an army of King Yazid bin Muawiyah who is going to Syria and with them the heads of some rebels and these rebels. There are women prisoners in the house who will stay in our palace tonight, at first Shirin was a little worried, but when the prisoners heard the women, I remembered the advice of Bibi Zainab bint Ali and remembered the promise of fulfilling the needs of these prisoners.
He has hidden his face and covered his hair with dust and blood. Sheri came near and sent water to the sea, and said, “O babies, tell me if you need anything. “So gently Bibi Zainab’s said, “Amma Fiza, tell her that our heirs have been killed and these soldiers have not allowed us to cry openly yet, just allow us to live in the courtyard for a while to make the men of your house cry. You will think that Shirin has started crying, but forced by the will of Bibi Zainab’s, he said that now the baraat of my master’s son will come here, cry before his arrival, but before his arrival, all this should be stopped.
He said, “O Abbas, you should not take anyone else’s name, this is the name of my master’s brother.” Someone’s voice came, Ali Akbar Shirin said, “All these are the names of my master’s family, raise these names so that you do not cry, then Bibi Zainab removed her hair from her face and said, “I am the daughter of Ali and Fatima’s, I am the sister of Hasan and Hussain. And he who has his head on the spear is the head of Ali Akbar, this is the baraat that will stay with you tonight.

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