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The document and the issue of democracy?

by naeem masood
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Naeem masood

This has been submitted before, it is important if not new. From whatever angle you look, and the country, be it America or India. Either Malaysia or Turkey. Constitution everywhere: (1) sometimes silenced in many cases or (2) appears to leave the opposite question in some. (3) It is also the case that instead of resolving the confusion in a unique and new matter, the constitutional provisions stand in conflict with other provisions. (4) Sometimes the Constitution gives an answer that is not physically acceptable or is not jointly acceptable to politics and the state. (5) It also happens that the constitutional provision seems to destroy state institutions! In these constitutional experiments and parliamentary and political observations, if the states become deadlocked, the leadership has to play out of the crease, but playing out of ethics and traditions does not allow any statesman. In any case, in the above situation, the real leadership promotes zero vision without any popularity or greed for power. Fifteen to sixteen months ago, when constitutional, political and economic crises had come to an end, suddenly the judicial crisis had also come to the doorstep. There was an internal conflict, but it is not possible to forget the dance of the IMF. But here, the aangan-crooked people started criticizing the 18th Amendment. Serious politicians and statesmen do not run away from dialogue, but non-political and undemocratic attitudes do not have time to run after power. For this, on one side, his house opens on one side. In 1988, Mahathir mohamad was facing the Supreme Court, constitutional and political confusions were not taking the name of resolving. Here the leadership took a decisive turn and considered it honorable to save the executive, which has no choice but to call it a crisis and there is no option but to praise a statesman in front of the higher judiciary! However, later constitutional amendments came, judges were dismissed, Mahathir Mohammad’s popular position was that the Supreme Court can interpret, but it is not the work of sending parliament or the president and prime minister home. It should be noted that the continuation of the articles of the two journalists made the matter so important and played a role in identifying it to the courts. Then in 2002/03, when anti-Mahathir came to power, he did talk about revisiting the constitutional amendments. Constitutions are never complete because the Constitution is a living document in which thinking of change is the beauty of evolution and the work of legislators, not of the courts! There are also instances where Us President Nixon was forced to put the Supreme Court’s decision behind for balance. Similar challenges were faced by U.S. presidents like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and they had to work with executive orders and state prudence. The US has so far introduced 27 amendments to run Gulshan’s business. When The Captain’s government went through no-confidence, Khan dissolved the assemblies of KPK and Punjab, knowing that due to its popularity, he would take the field in both provinces within three months. This will mean that the central government will become weak and attacked, and thus power will come back. Then the PTI was also 100 percent sure that the decisions of the judiciary would come in their favor. The disadvantage of this was that it would go to a provincial mid-term election/ full election which would determine the future of the next five years, then if national and Sindh and Balochistan elections were held years later, their future would also be carved out. Here Article 254 of the Constitution came out that although elections/ any work are necessary in three months / fixed time, and even later, but in case of any emergency or extraordinary circumstances, they can go beyond three months / fixed. Which the PDM government wanted to be forwarded till the completion of the term of the National Assembly, as if the government stood firm and appeared to be standing in front of the judiciary. Gradually, the matter reached there that the caretaker seat in two provinces lasted for more than three months, so these governments were also considered unconstitutional, but as the “doctrine of necessity” or “sin must”, everything was digested because the tragedy of inexperience that took place on May 9, it healed some politics. It felt as if wood digested stones, and the leaders remained in the circumambulation of stubbornness and prejudice! The entire tenure of the PTI was based on the fact that the opposition is a thief, a robber. If someone asks what is your development graph, what is the foreign policy, the answer would be “The opposition is a thief, a robber!” I do not know how the caretaker prime minister can uphold the constitution and loyalty to the economy in a limited time and on what basis all the stakeholders agree, however, it is necessary to go on the path of elections, as if all the factors that made up the charter of democracy in general and Asif Ali Zardari in particular are expected that constitutional nuances will not be forgotten, nor will the structural and leadership skills be forgotten. will be ignored. It should be noted that the noise of 35 punctures and the poison of sitting of the RTS system could not pollute and outdated the democratic culture. The Constitution is a living document, so nations abide by the Constitution and the law, and the Statesman spirit is full of inspiration!

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