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A Teacher PM, Welcome Kakar Weldon Kakar

by Shahid Rasheed
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raja shahid rasheed

The poor people of the country are worried and waiting for when a new dawn will rise, every hundred will be green, there will be prosperity, when will it last? The people of Pakistan, who are suffering from back-breaking inflation, wish the present caretaker government and especially Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar good luck, the prayers and good wishes of every Pakistani are that the Prime Minister will provide their basic human rights to the oppressed deprived people of this cruel society, the oppressed sections of despair, sadness and poverty, make the life of a common man easier and timely. We will hold a free and fair election.
It remains to be seen what steps the Prime Minister takes to provide relief to the common man because he is a talented, mutual, dignified and patriotic Pakistani, otherwise such a Prime Minister has also been imposed on this country who was handed over the Pakistani Identity Card after landing at his airport, he was really an imported Prime Minister. Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar has taken over as the eighth caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan. I am happy and deeply sympathetic to him because he is from my backward Balochistan, but our Balochi brothers have been appointed in three important positions, Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani and Justice Qazi Faez Isa, who became the Chief Justice of Pakistan from September 16, are also from dear Balochistan.
Caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar is a patriotic, positive thinking and compassionate person. It is said about him that he has done exemplary services in promoting education in Muslim Bagh, this time has been active since his student days in terms of freeing Balochistan from backwardness and promotion of education, he has also served as a teacher in the schools of his area. It is reported that the caretaker Prime Minister has taken this important step for the students seeking admission in medical colleges that the date of MD CAT examination has been extended, MD CAT examination will now be held on September 10 instead of August 27 and the syllabus will also remain the same as last year. Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar has said that the government’s job is to make life easier for the people.
I have also decided to keep my cabinet very short, I do not want to put any more burden on the country, so my protocol should also be kept to a minimum so that more expenses can be avoided and other people do not suffer.” I think this is the beginning of the ‘Save the Country’ campaign by caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar from his home, which is very commendable. “We will maintain the continuity of economic policies, and further improve it, all welfare schemes will continue, the government will spend its energies on economic reforms, measures for foreign investment are among our priorities, international standard facilities will be ensured in the health and education sector,” the prime minister said. And now look at the “chita lying” of the present era, but the lie that the former “shobaz” Prime Minister says, “Thanks to Allah, who has given a heavy responsibility, we have laid a strong foundation for Pakistan’s economic self-reliance.”۔ It is sad when these people think of the nation as fools and say such baseless things that have nothing to do with reality, I think how brazenly and indecently mian Shahbaz Sharif and Ishaq Dollar say that we have brought economic stability in the country. This is the price of April 2022: Petrol at Rs 149 per litre, diesel at Rs 146 per litre, US dollar at Rs 181, sugar at Rs 82 per kg, flour at Rs 62 per kg, rice at Rs 200 per kg, ghee at Rs 400 per kg, electricity at Rs 14 per unit, cylinder LPG at Rs 1,850, and inflation at 16 per cent. Petrol is priced at Rs 294 per litre, diesel at Rs 293 per litre, US dollar at Rs 289, sugar at Rs 152 per kg, flour at Rs 155 per kg, rice at Rs 370 per kg, ghee at Rs 620 per kg, electricity at Rs 48 per unit, cylinder LPG at Rs 2,890 and inflation at Rs 38 per cent.
This is the economic stability of these veterans of the 14-party PDM. The lives of the poor people have become miserable and these poor people are suffering from grief and are unhappy that by increasing 20 rupees per liter, the caretaker government has dropped a petrol bomb on us as soon as it comes. In the service of caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar, it is said that far from international standards, God, you show the ghost of this inflation in a bottle. I have a poem of my own:
Go away from the helpless, turn away from a few.
Be thou, feed the helpless of the destitute.

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