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Misbah Khalid’s third poetry collection ‘Gender Grabbing’ unveiled

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Misbah Khalid's

Lahore: Misbah Khalid’s third collection of poems “Gender Grip” is a living picture of social sorrow, sorrow, courage and courage, which has been described in beautiful poetry in very polite and easy words. Misbah Khalid is such a courageous woman who faces the difficulties of life alone, Said Dr. Shafiq Jalandhari while addressing the launch of author and poet Misbah Khalid’s third poetry collection “Gender Gripa”. Irfan Athar Qazi, the chief guest of the event, highlighted the personality of Misbah Khalid and the realism in his poetry and said that I am a witness that every word of the emotions expressed in his latest work is based on truth and reality.This collection also shows a way to the younger generation that despair is a sin. Nasir Mahmood said that “gender capture” can be divided into six themes. In which feelings of sorrow, pain, satire, praise, patriotism, courage and courage, deep love for relationships have been expressed in sophisticated and settled words± Dr. Yasmin Rahman highlighted her personal relationship with the author, high character and a glimpse of her personality in the collection. Students Ramsha Azeem, Zainab Tanvir, Sohail Ahmed, Principal Rehabilitation Disabled School, Asim Fayyaz also spoke on the occasion. Author Misbah Khalid, while addressing the ceremony, said that in today’s fast-paced era, the passion for reading books has ended. People consider publishing books as a worthless investment. In fact, this is not a business, but a small effort to remind future generations that just passing the exam from textbooks does not improve your personality, but reading the book and reading the book makes the personality better.

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