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Minority Day or”United Nationhood”?

by Afzaal rehan
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Afzaal Rehan

For many years, dervish has been organizing seminars every year on August 11 in the vast town hall built by the British under the Liberal Human Forum titled Jinnah’s or Quaid’s Pakistan to highlight the rights of minorities or the concept of united nationhood. In which eminent political, journalistic, religious, literary and minority personalities of the country were invited as guests and with all efforts, it was achieved that instead of any one point of view, intellectuals and intellectuals of different viewpoints were brought in as variety and the number of audience was also in the hundreds, for which all the friends were requested.
Apart from Shia, Sunni, Wahhabi, Deobandi, friends of Hindu, Sikh and Christian communities would also participate. Sadly, the media coverage of these events could not be much, perhaps because Darwish personally did not have enough ribs to engage the national media. Natchez is the patron of western and western media and culture, with whose blessings social media has appeared in the world, so the common man has started to be heard, otherwise our Pakistani traditional national media has been considering influential people as human beings like the powerful.
Every year on August 11, why did you start this series of seminars celebrating minority day or united Pakistani nationality a decade ago and then why has it been abolished now, if you go into details, then the whole column will be devoted to it, so while staying on the real topic, the rights of our minority brothers should be discussed, for whom there is no option but to live in Pakistan. It is not possible for them to resort to the only and unique speech of its kind made by the founder of Pakistan in the Constituent Assembly on August 11, 1947. Apart from this, these poor, helpless, lucky people have no choice. In this speech, the words of the founder of Pakistan that “whatever belief you have is your personal matter, it will have nothing to do with the state of Pakistan or its affairs and affairs.”It should be understood that these words of Jinnah Sahib are the support of amrit dhara or sinking straw for the minority unfortunate people in Pakistan, because after this speech or these words, and you and Jinnah himself did not look back at these words and did not make any mistake again that those with the tonation theory could taunt them like various U-turns on any of their speeches. The debates did not break out as much as it did on this August 11 speech, the Islamic people felt as if Jinnah himself had overturned his actions, which is why in this post-unfortunate state, including the Resolution of Objectives, all the laws were made, it was contrary to this only speech.
Darwish wanted to prove in his above-mentioned seminars that all this was inevitable and eternal for the new state in accordance with the Charter of Madinah, but most of the orthodox Muslim scholars and intellectuals devoted all their energies to proving that Jinnah Sahib did not mean what Afzal Rehan Sahib is taking. They did not want to create a state, in line with their years-long promises and speeches, they wanted to make it a laboratory of Islam or an Islamic state, in which the Quran and the Sunnah were first and foremost. Apart from August 11, you should also read his other speeches, in which he is heard saying with full force and logic that the Quran will be the basis of the constitution of this state. And you and the teacher, Respected Shami Sahib, were very angry, saying that do you want to prove our leader to be a hypocrite who used to say something else in the public meetings of Mochi Gate and something else on the floor of the Constituent Assembly, my children, you see the leader two days after this speech when Lord Mountbatten is the example of Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great for tolerance in this region of India. When he submits, our leader immediately corrects it at the same moment that our Prophet (s) told us everything in this regard 1400 years ago.
Majeed Nizami sahib also made a lot of criticism in this regard and said that you are spoiling the vision of our leader and do not know why you are bent on making him secular instead of Islamic.
Fed up, I finally left Dir-e-Haram.
Skipping the sermon
And then” What about Mir Sahib’s religion and religion?
They pulled the toqshqa and sat in a late hour, when did they convert to Islam?
Therefore, this dervish is making it clear openly in the service of all his friends that respected Shami Sahib and Nizami Sahib are absolutely right that we have no right to spoil Jinnah and his two-nation theory by just giving the excuse of one speech. Living with Nehru who started working on a secular constitution even before partition Jinnah used to have in front of him the model of this Islamic state established 14 centuries ago, which is propagated by Jinnah in the name of our third player leader “State of Madina”. Liaquat Ali passed the resolution on the same ideals of Jinnah and the later leaders filled the colors of Holi in the glory of the same donation theory and as soon as they went, our dramatist high flight in the name of namos and holy companions has also filled for reward and today Alhamdulillah our country has reached this place due to these personalities. Those poor minorities have been reduced from 25 to 3 percent, so they raise their issues for the future because they demand to write that we do not want to call ourselves a minority here because it creates problems for us, so we want to celebrate or celebrate “United Nationhood Day”.

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