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Masjid Nabawi and miracles

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When the Turks intended to build the Prophet’s Mosque, peace be upon him, they announced in their vast state that they needed experts in the arts related to building, it was too late to announce that people who believed in all knowledge offered their services. Presented, by the order of the Sultan, a city was established outside of Istanbul, in which these experts from all over the world were settled in separate neighborhoods, after which a chapter of devotion and wonder began, which is difficult to compare.

The Caliph of the time, who was the greatest ruler of the world, came to the city and urged the expert in every field to teach his most intelligent child his art in such a way as to make him unique and unique. Will make a knight
This strange project in the history of the world continued for many years. After 25 years, a group of young people was formed who were not only employed in their field, but each person was a memorizer of the Qur’an and a practicing Muslim. They were about 500 people. discovered new stone quarries, cut timber from forests, procured planks and brought glassware to
All these goods were delivered to the city of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), so it is known in literature that a settlement was built far away from Madinah to keep it, so that the environment of Madinah would not be damaged by noise.

Due to the manners of the Prophet, if any stone needed to be modified, it would be sent back to the village. It was given that the dust should not go inside the holy shrine, pillars were erected so that dirt did not fall on the Riaz Jannat and the holy shrine. This work continued for fifteen years and history is a witness. It will be later. The construction of the Prophet’s Mosque in the Ottoman period is the height of love and devotion in the world of construction. May Allah enlighten our hearts with the love of the Prophet.
Amen Yarab al-Alameen ❤️

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