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Martyrs of Karbala buried

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According to the narration of Nafs al-Mahmoom, after Ibn Sa’d layn buried his dead from Karbala and left the bodies of Husayn, Ahl al-Bayt and Ansar Abba Abdullah, some people of Bani Asad tribe living in the nearby local population (Ghadriya) came who prayed on the bodies of Husayn and his companions and Ahl al-Bayt and buried them where their graves are present today. are.
According to the tradition of Al-Kamil al-Baha’i, Mr. Har was buried where he was martyred, his grave is some distance away from the Ganj martyrs. About 19 kilometers are made today.
The Banu Asad tribes were proud of the Arabs for praying on the bodies of Husayn and the martyrs and burying them. Similarly, Mr. Abul Fazl al-Abbas was buried near Al-Qumma where he was martyred.
According to the narrations of Ibn Shahr Ashub and Mas’udi, Ahlian Ghadriya (some have written Amiriyya) prayed on Husayn and his companions and buried them. And while they were burying these martyrs, they saw white birds circulating in the air.
Tabari writes in Tazkirat al-Khaws. Zahir ibn al-Qayn who was martyred along with Husayn. His wife sent her slave to Karbala and asked him to go and cover his master with a shroud. When this slave reached Karbala and found Husayn’s body uncuffled on the rag garam, he said, “Shall I shroud my master? And Husayn remains shroudless, and Allah will not do that. So he put this shroud on Husayn and put another shroud on his aqa.”
Dear ones! There are many other narrations in which it is clear that Imam Zayn al-Abidin ba’ajaz came from Imamate Kufa and prayed on the bodies of his father and martyrs and buried them where their graves are today.
According to the well-known Shi’a theory, only the innocent bathes and prays. We have explained both the words to you.
It is narrated from Imam Abu Ja’far (a.s.) in Nafs al-Mahmoom: “When the Prophet (s) died, Gabriel and the angels helped Maula ‘Ali (a.s.) in bathing, burial and digging the grave and prayed on his body.” Similarly, when Maula Ali (a.s.) was martyred, the Prophet (s) helped Imam al-Hasan (a. s.) and supported him in the funeral. Similarly, when Hasan Mujtaba (a.s.) was martyred, the Prophet (s) and Mulla ‘Ali (a.s.) helped Imam al-Husayn (a) in the funeral.
Similarly, when the time came for the burial of the oppressed Karbala, Imam Zayn al-Abidin (a.s.) came to The Imamate and the Prophet (s), Imam ‘Ali (a) and Imam Hasan (a.s.) helped him in the burial of the oppressed Karbala. “
Although Banu Asad was also with him, it was Sayyid al-Sabrin Imam Al-Sajjad (a.s.) who buried the martyrs in the same order as their graves are present today. (Peace be upon him) According to tradition, when Banu Asad was performing the funeral, he saw a rider coming from Kufa. These people hid, perhaps ibn Sa’d’s people. But this was Sayyid Sajjad (a.s.), the Imam of Sabrin. You introduced yourself to Banu Asad, so you used to tell the sequence and Banu Asad used to help you in the burial of martyrs according to this order. In the meantime, your eyes were like spring rain. Especially when he started burying the body of his uncle Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas, he cried and cried, indeed the martyrdom of Abu’l-Fadl al-Abbas broke the back of Husayn (peace be upon him) and made Sayyid Sajjad miserable.
Al-Shaykh al-Tusi narrated that Imam al-Sadiq (a. s.) said: “One morning, Umm Salama came out crying, so when she was asked the reason for crying, she said, “My son Husayn has been killed in Karbala because I saw the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) in a dream that his face was dusty.” “And they are very sad and sad,” I asked, “O Messenger of Allah! What makes you so sad and heartbroken?”
He said: “Umm Salamah! I am digging graves for Husayn and his companions all night and am just coming from Karbala. “
Another narration of the same article is narrated from Hazrat Ibn Abbas, according to which he saw the Messenger of Allah (s) in such a situation that tears were flowing from his eyes. He was holding his kurta and reciting this verse (do not let the wrongdoers think that Allah is oblivious to their deeds- Ibrahim 42) Then he said: “I am coming from Karbala and this is the blood of Husayn and his companions.
Which I will take to Allah. “
According to the tradition, when the grave began to be dug, the fragrance spread from the head of Husayn’s grave, which was purer than musk, the same fragrance was found in the body of Jon, a loyal companion of Husayn (peace be upon him), for whom Husayn (peace be upon him) had prayed.
We consider it appropriate to summarize here the famous tradition narrated from the Prophet (s) when He was informed of the killing of Husayn (peace be upon him) and then said, “When the time comes for the death of these martyrs, Allah himself will take possession of their souls and seize their souls.” So that they may be honored. This is the true interpretation of Arja’i al-Rebek. After this, Malaika will take utensils of yakut and emerald from the sky and wash the bodies of these martyrs and Allah will make them wear the best clothes of Paradise. Then Allah will bring a people whom these disbelievers do not know. And these people will not participate in shedding blood. They will come and bury the bodies of these martyrs and make the marks of these graves. Among them, the grave of Sayyid al-Shuhada will become a symbol of the people of truth, from where the believers will achieve success and receive gifts from the angels, then Allah will send 100,000 angels day and night who will write the names of those who will come here and ask for forgiveness and mercy for them. “
Assalamu ‘Ali al-Husayn, ‘Ali ibn al-Husayn, ‘Ali al-Husayn, ‘Ahl al-Bayt al-Husayn and ‘Ashab al-Husayn. And curse Allah, the wrongdoers. Ana Allah Waana Ilya Rajoon.
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