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Male infertility: what, how, and why?

by Dr Tahira Kazmi
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Tahira kazmii

One man and two women! The same triangle as always, and our clinic! Husband, wife and mother-in-law! Sir, our problem is something else – we do not accept the refreshes that the owner considers his right and sends on his property in exchange for a woman’s shirt and a roof on his head. I wish I could show that scene to all the writers who do not know the difference between the desire to live with dignity and the “equality of a cruel man.” The couple had been married for five years and the courtyard was still empty of children. There was a sad smile on Begum’s face. The husband looked a little tired and mother used to tell us repeatedly that she had brought a lot of hope. He listened in detail, asked questions, and then began broadcasting guidelines that imply that infertility treatment is actually a test of the patient’s patience, restraint, and the physician’s efforts. In this treatment, hoping to put mustard on the palm is nothing but ignorance. Secondly, just as in the olden days, boys used to penetrate shoes to get a relationship or stay on the girl’s door, in the same way, the aspiring couple should follow a doctor. Changing the doctor again and again cuts off the treatment process and the next doctor has everything starting from zero again, a waste of time and money. “We’ll do basic tests on both of you and then the treatment will begin,” we explained. “No, doctor, my son is all right, you check with Shahida. There is a lot of weakness in him,” amma said with a smile. We were mentally prepared for this attack, so said to Rasan, “How do you know that there’s nothing wrong with your son?” “I have a son, I know,” she said brightly. “This Shahida is also someone’s daughter, if her mother was with her, she would have said the same thing.” “The first link of treatment is the examination of the husband’s female reproduction, if there are no seeds, then the benefit of examining the wife?” we explained again. The mother and son agreed and we saw a flash of gratitude in Shahida’s eye for a moment. The next week, all three of them were present with the report and the result of the substance was teasing our face. There was a substance, but completely devoid of reproductive capacity. Now there was a barrier to explaining, which he and his mother did not want to do, and Shahida Used to stare at us with the eyes of Millatji. The World Health Organization has set the characteristics of the normalization of the substance in this way. Number of sperms – 15 to 20 million/mm Sperm movement – 40 percent Normal form of sperm – 4 percent Whenever sperms are devoid of these characteristics, the diagnosis is male infertility. The decrease in the number of sperms is called Oligospermia and if the sperms disappear from the end, then this situation is called Azospermia. The gentleman sitting in our clinic was suffering from Azospermia. We explained in detail that now he needs treatment and not his wife. We wanted to send them to a specialist in male diseases. On hearing this, the mother and her believe in the doomsday broke down. Both of them were adamant that begum should also be tested in detail so that some defect may come out there. Male infertility had severely affected their masculinity, which could be treated in such a way that something would have gone wrong on the other side. When we said that Begum’s turn would come after she was healed, he stepped out, staring intently. Male infertility is rarely echoed in our society. Most of the pregnancy is blamed on the woman, while the fact is that the rate of male infertility has reached 50 percent in total cases. Sir, if the mention has come out, then listen to the reasons for the absence of Azospermia i.e. sperms with their hands. Azospermia is of two types: barrier-free and barrier-free. In obstructive Azospermia, as the name suggests, sperms are formed, but due to some complication, females do not reach reproduction. Whenever there is an infection in the testicles and their adjacent ducts, there is a stroke, an old operation has been done or the secretions of the ducts become thick, sperms cannot come out. As a result, the substance will come out, but without seed! There is a long list of causes of Azospermia without interruption. These include absence of congenital testicles, remaining in the stomach at birth, testicular tumors, ready-asians, hormone deficiency, infection of which plants, inability to make live or normal sperms of testicles, abnormal spread of blood vessels from testicles, diabetes and kidney diseases. Here lies the challenge of weakness of seed-making ability. Treatment of male infertility is possible only when it is understood that men can also be deficient, it is not only the fate of the woman. If you’re interested in knowing the details of the treatment, check out our next column!

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