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Jinnah the mediator and the muqafat process?

by Afzaal rehan
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Afzaal rehan

It is said that time or time is the greatest teacher, what the big universities cannot teach any person, he teaches time or time.
The moon is the system of stars from the rotation of time
Is the government or society in the throes of time?
Time-bound lights are coming
Time is the sage of flowers Time is the crown of thorns
A man should be afraid of time.
Who knows at what time the change of time
Time to day and night, time to tomorrow and today, time rules everything, but what to do When people are in power and arrogance, they do not learn from time, otherwise how lucky we are that not only our time to learn, but the history of the last five thousand years is in front of us like an open book.
Whoever became Pharaoh, Saddam or Hitler in this universe, including his opponents, increased human suffering, but in the end, his own fate was not happy, but his family or sympathizers repeatedly paid the punishment for his actions. There were so many great intellectuals like Plato, Aristotle, Buddha, Tagore, Carlyle and Russell in the world, but due to self-determination and self-determination, the arrogant did not learn any lesson from them.
When Marwan, as ruler, was ordering the cutting of his opponent’s neck, an old man smiled, when he asked the reason, said, “Here in front of the same throne, I have ordered whom to cut the necks of the opponents and then with the same sword I have seen their own necks cut off. You will also be treated.
Nothing has happened to our Jinnah mediator right now, the custodian of his interests is sitting in the big chair of justice, so Tees Maar Khan will soon be released while getting bail, but this few days jail yatra has shown how it is who did not tire of taunting others why they are afraid of jails. Stay like all other prisoners who eat in other jails, eat the same, Nawaz Sharif, I will not leave you, just i will come back first, i will remove your AC first.
The worst allegations have not been made, while making arrests on false charges of corruption and dishonesty, thieves and robbers have not been arrested, this person’s entire twenty-seven-year-old or fifty-year-old so-called politics is drowning in such fallen third-class allegations. His dead conscience was mortgaged to the fees of the powerful when he was making a fake case of fifteen kilos of heroin, as well as reciting verses with religious tips and touches.
Today, you have bubbled up on a few days’ journey to jail that hi get me out of this mess, there is a lot of heat here, bees, mosquitoes tease me and at night Rana Sahib sends many insects here with special instructions. He gave everything in his own words.” Where you have been making so many waves, bear this labor of a few days with pleasure, but if the consciousness is working here, which is so weak but not equal, put so much emphasis on it that why have I been making such absurd allegations on others throughout the period of my misery?
Why do I think my people are so stupid? That whoever fabricates a false story, they will believe in it, I will say that the piece of garbage in my hand is actually a cipher from America and my government has been brought down by America under a conspiracy, so they will believe it when I take a U-turn and make this allegation one after the other to defame each of my opponents. They have closed their eyes as my youth; surely they will continue to cry out. See today the result of your lies, which were arrested according to your instructions, while crossing the red line, on the military establishment that in this way another powerful Hafiz Sahib will stand in your company while cornering Hafiz Sahib.
There has been no protest from anywhere over the arrest of Taliban Khan. Kudos to my youth, the emotional youth of the player’s fan club! You too have learned a lot from the changing trends of time.
My young men! Remember that a successful person is the one who learns from time and changing circumstances, if he stumbles somewhere in life, then the next time he stays away from this ditch or rock, the big leaders of your party or weak workers like Teli Pehalwan have understood, then you also understand that now there is no oil in the soles of this person, now he has become a moving cartridge. But there must have been a time of rise, due to his arrogance and anger, he could not handle it, now sooner or later he is going to get the fruits of his karma. Will continue to do so.
It was the wish of Darwish that the basis of this person’s incompetence and punishment is not any other crime, his corruption or financial loot should be declared, Alhamdulillah today it has become very dirty in the media of the whole world. It will be clear from the manipulation that the month of September should pass. Now Jinnah III should be convinced that whatever you do, he will fill it and the last thing is that now settle down by putting up fake pieces of religion, why do you leave such a big thing on what you do not even know about?

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