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A sense of right and wrong

by SyedMujtabaNaqvi
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syed mujtaba naqvi

Humans claim that they are both creators of social order and the most intelligent creatures on earth. Humans interpret sensory stimuli, assign meaning to events, interpret events, and solve problems because they have a high degree of cognitive ability to make sense of themselves and their surroundings. Over hundreds of thousands of years, humans have developed various standards for evaluating thoughts, actions, and events, with their relative productivity and innocence at the top. The basis of morality was the intellectual judgment that distinguished good and evil in human thoughts and actions. To put it another way, the principles of ethics have evolved into guiding individual and social standards.
Morality, despite the influence of religious displays, is significantly more rooted in intelligence. In order to understand, reason, and objectively solve problems, the human intellect needs to adhere to basic human values. The fact that morality without reason is dogmatism and animalism without morality shows the ultimate loss of one without another. John Dewey in his essay “The Moral Responsibility to Be Intelligent” says that intelligence is more of a moral responsibility than an educational qualification. He insists that instead of being influenced by interests, movements, or feelings, decisions made by reason should support established moral values. As a result, the common good may require ethical, practical, and consequential decisions. Thus, self-realization of the comprehensive moral implications of actions is a prerequisite for meaningful and mutually beneficial outcomes.
As a result, the comprehensive social, economic, political, intellectual and moral development of a society requires a morally righteous and conscientious intellectual class. For inclusive growth and socio-economic development, an intellectual class that is sincere, selfless, and cooperative is essential. It is on the basis that the intellectual elites hold demonstrations as protections against oppression, as well as teach and work with the majority about their privileges as must be in accordance with tradition. Just, equal and progressive societies emerge from intelligent, humane and pious minds.
However, nations that produce intellectual wealth that is deceitful, dishonest, and selfish eventually become a breeding ground for continued decline and default. Unfortunately, Pakistan is one of them. Unlike other intellectuals, intellectual dishonesty and corruption affect the majority of Pakistani intellectuals. The majority of academics, bureaucrats, journalists, writers, judges, businessmen and others take advantage of their intellect through self-service rather than seeing it as a moral responsibility for the public good.
The intelligent section of our society prefers personal interests over collective social benefits and moral principles because the majority of them are affected by prejudice, egoism, jealousy, selfishness and unreasonable insecurity. Personal interests, sentimentality, and blind ideological commitment replace morality. He acts as an ambassador for stagnation organised by the country’s elite.
Because of these selfish tendencies, they can probably become courtiers of the powerful. In most cases, they support the oppressor rather than the oppressed. As a result, unlike their counterparts in the rest of the world, their intelligence is considered a national responsibility. Our intellectual corruption manifests itself in different ways.
Including mainstream media bias, polarization, institutional decline, dysfunctional judicial and police systems, deep political polarization, bureaucratic incompetence, institutional corruption, favouritism, nepotism, the practice of verbal attack, and educational insecurity. We must recognize that having an immoral mind is worse than not having a mind at all. Without morality, reason undermines the existence of society and turns it into a chaotic circle as a suicide weapon. Therefore, if we want Pakistan to become an inclusive and equal country in the future, we must immediately rethink our educational and social culture and align it with established ethical standards.

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