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Jackpot of North Waziristan

by Bilal Ghauri
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Bilal Ghauri

In our country, children grow up listening to the stories of Alf Lila, Amr Ayar and Tarzan, boys spend reading the stories of Imran series and Mount Qaf, youth passes through the sheets of historical novels in which there is nothing but exaggerations and delusions. In this way, concepts like magic wand, lamp of religion and flying carpet are absorbed in the religion and the whole life is spent waiting for miracles. The kingly man thinks that one day suddenly there will be a bag full of notes, a prize bond will come out or if there is a lottery, then life will change. It is thought that if a jinn would appear by rubbing a lamp and bow down and say, “What order, my lord! Some people even think that on this occasion, the first wish I will express is that my 100 wishes should be fulfilled. In this way, every moment new story is heard, new dreams are made, the story of life is completed by deceiving step by step. That is why we do not have stories, storytellers, storytellers and storytellers starving.Probably in December 1976, when Zulfikar Ali Bhutto came to the National Assembly, he had a vial in his hand. He opened the lid of this bottle and told the Leader of the Opposition Maulana Mufti Mahmood that oil has come out from Dhodak area of Dera Ghazi Khan. But when Zia-ul-Haq came, he said, democracy has gone to take oil, now the back of the majority will be publicly whipped. When the Sandak project was started in Chaghi district of Balochistan during benazir’s tenure, it was told that gold and copper coming out of here would usher in a new era of prosperity. Mining is still going on, but if I borrow the poems of Habib Jalib;
The same is the situation of the poor.
Days have passed only for ministers.
Every Bilawal is indebted to the country.
Benazir’s feet are bare
When 6 billion tons of raw copper and 600,000 tons of raw gold deposits were discovered in the Rekodik area of Chaghi, the good news was once again given that this project would prove to be a game changer. It was reported that there is the fifth-largest global reserve of gold. This mineral deposit could not be extracted, but it had to be taken and the International Court of Justice fined $ 6 billion for violating the agreement. When Nawaz Sharif became prime minister for the second time, a new jackpot was found on February 12, 2015. The Chief Minister and the Prime Minister reached Chiniot and revealed during the public meeting that such a huge deposit of gold, copper, and iron has been discovered in your area Of Refah Sadat that all the difficulties will be highlighted on the kefir and blind path. But this period of good fortune ended before it started. One can tell where this Chinioti treasury went and why Shahbaz Sharif did not try to extract this gold from Chiniot instead of rubbing his heels at the IMF’s doorstep after becoming a prime minister?
By telling these stories, the path of a new Pakistan was paved and Imran Khan came as a saviour. In January 2019, a consortium of foreign companies started burmakari under the “Crab One” project. The excavation in the Indus basin of the Arabian Sea was being carried out to detect expected gas reserves. There is a 15 to 20 percent chance of success in such projects worldwide, but the captain was confident that the ‘gas’ would come out from here. Therefore, during a meeting with journalists on March 21, he gave the good news that the situation in the country is going to change. On March 25, Federal Minister for Petroleum Ghulam Sarwar confirmed this and said that good news will be heard next month. On April 8, in a capital talk, Federal Minister Faisal Vawda announced with full confidence that jobs are going to rain. Within a week, ten days, two weeks, or at most a month, so many jobs will come that the servants will fall short. There will be such a situation that even the paanwala, the cart wala, will say, take tax from me. He said, “If this claim is not proved to be true, then they should be destroyed.”On May 18, Imran Khan went to lay the foundation stone of Shaukat Khanum Hospital Peshawar and collect funds, while addressing the ceremony, he appealed to the participants that today you must read two naafils because a gas well is being dug in the sea near Karachi. We will know in a week that there may be such a large stock that there will be no need to import gas from outside for the next 50 years. When the Prime Minister was showing false dreams of development and prosperity to the people of Peshawar, his Special Assistant on Petroleum Nadeem Babar in Islamabad was telling that the excavation that was taking place in the bottom of the sea, 280 kilometers from Karachi, has been stopped after drilling 5,500 meters because there is no possibility of getting oil or gas from there.
These stories of the past are remembered because nowadays a new story is being told that copper deposits worth $ 6 trillion have been discovered in Mohammad Khel area of North Waziristan. I am not denying this news, just saying that the value of lithium reserves in Afghanistan is estimated to be $ 3 trillion. South Africa has the largest gold reserves and diamond mines in the world. There is no need to go too far. Balochistan is rich in minerals. Uranium is produced from Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur. If despite this, the people of Afghanistan, Africa, Balochistan and South Punjab are backward, then there is no need to be deceived by a new story.

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