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Iran President Invites Saudi King

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Saudi Arabia and iran president

According to the foreign news agency Reuters, the spokesperson for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed in a statement that the Iranian President has invited Saudi King Salman to visit Tehran.

Spokesperson Nasser Kanaani stated in a news conference broadcast on television that in response to an invitation sent by Saudi Arabia, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has also sent an invitation for a visit.

Iran’s semi-official news agency Tasnim reported that technical delegations from both countries are preparing to reopen their respective diplomatic missions, and Iran has stated that these missions will resume their activities by May 9th.

“It is evident that last month, the Saudi king had extended an invitation to the Iranian president to come to Riyadh, while offering goodwill between the two brotherly countries, before advancing the recent agreement. In response to the Saudi ruler’s invitation, President Ibrahim Raisi of Iran had welcomed the invitation for a visit.”

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