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They want to improve relations with Saudi Arabia; Israel

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the improvement of relations with Saudi Arabia could be a significant step towards resolving the “Arab-Israeli conflict.” According to official sources, the Israeli Prime Minister expressed his desire to improve relations with Saudi Arabia during a meeting with American Republican Senator Lindsey Graham in Jerusalem. The Israeli Prime Minister further stated that if a treaty were to be concluded to restore diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, it could have significant and historic consequences for both the Middle East and the world. Netanyahu’s desire for improved relations comes at a time when Iran and Saudi Arabia have restored diplomatic relations that were suspended since 2016 due to the conflict in Yemen. Before this, in 2020, Israel had already restored diplomatic relations with several Arab countries, including the United Arab Emirates, as part of the American-backed Abraham Accords. However, Saudi Arabia conditioned the restoration of relations on a resolution to the Palestinian issue.

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