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“Self-promotion: The Key Formula for Success in Life”

by Ali Naqvi
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Ali javed Naqvi

The world is constantly changing, things that were considered good until yesterday are now flawed. Things that were considered bad until yesterday are now the key to success. This is the era of self-promotion. At an iftar party, a group of young friends was asked about the formula for success. I said that the formula is simple: whether you have the skills or not, you need to convince people that you are an expert in that field. Promote yourself like a product. Marketing your own personality or abilities is very important. Prove yourself to be a great person. Don’t think of yourself as less than others who may appear to be better. Become a parachute, because others may need to be pushed and you need to strive to go ahead of them. Integrity has become a thing of the past. Don’t create an image of yourself that you can tolerate anything. Our society is deteriorating. We are becoming a society of tribes rather than a civilized society. The definition of success has changed. We are moving towards a backward society and our journey is in the wrong direction.

Look at social media, it’s a mirror of society. People who are famous in their field are usually the ones who know how to market themselves. They have created a huge presence for themselves.

In the same way that dust fills the air, successful people have applied the formula of speaking lies to such an extent that people begin to believe the truth. My young friend listened to my words in amazement. He did not expect such talk from me. A young man asked me if there was any other formula. I said, “Yes, there is a very brief formula: do something new in whatever field you are in, and you will be successful in life.” The young man asked me if I was a successful person or not. I admitted that I could not achieve what I wanted in life, so you can call me an unsuccessful person. But I have not yet accepted defeat, and whoever does not accept defeat cannot be called a failure. Today, this is the most important message for all of you.

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