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In April, the situation of Mr. Shahbaz Sharif

by Syed Mubashir Ali Rizvi
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Hello, I am astrologer Syed Mobasher Ali Rizvi. My Facebook page and YouTube channel, Astrology Feature 110, are available. Today we will talk about our Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. And his statement in April about his horoscope. First of all, we will discuss Madasha and Utter Disha. Madasha and Utter Disha are going through a Mercury retrograde. They are both in their small houses, which just started. And their planets in transit are moving from good houses to bad houses. Unfortunately, the planets in transit for April are weak for them. So, April could be a challenging month for Shahbaz Sharif. And the most important thing for him in this challenge will be his health. Shahbaz Sharif will have to take special care of his health in April. If he doesn’t take care of his health, he could face many problems. First of all, during the Ashra period, I will briefly mention that Jupiter is their most powerful planet and is related to the 10th house. And it will combust for a few days. So, during this combustion period, Shahbaz Sharif may not have had a good time. He could face a lot of pressure from the government, and agencies.

During this time period, Mr. Shahbaz Sharif should consult his doctors for health issues, which may be very important for him. Stress is already passing through his twelfth house and Zahra is treating him from a good house, but her Ketu and Mercury are not good at all. From what I am seeing in their second and third houses, where Jupiter will also be affected, Mercury will also be affected, and the Sun will also be affected, due to all these things, the most important thing for them is to take care of their health. The month of April for Shahbaz Sharif is looking very important, as I am seeing it, it is important for his health. He needs to take extra care of his health. He should give heavy donations and bring about improvements through charity. And this time period can be very difficult for him, as many planets are in a bad state. Ketu threatens life, and if Ketu is already passing through their house, it can create threats to their life. So, in April, he should be very cautious, and take care of his health. In addition, Mars will be a good powerful force in the final phase.

There Mars can offer them some advantages. But what will Mars do alone when the sun also weakens, and the sun is related to the earth and the earth is related to diseases. So, all these things should be seen by Shehbaz Sharif with great caution, and the Pakistani people should relax themselves to relax them. It is unlikely that they would neglect their health while taking the pressure of the institutions and say “Islam walaikum” to Pakistan. Their assemblies should analyze April’s issues. Because many health issues are deteriorating in April. They are paying special attention to their homes, the earth, and the twelfth house, which can also pose a dangerous position to planetary positions, not at all good for their health. Their health should be taken care of. The way they are working, there is nothing better for Pakistan in the future, so people are being hunted. The people are worried about the hunt. So our prayer is that Allah Almighty does better for our Pakistan, and keeps them safe. This was a brief analysis of Shehbaz Sharif which I have expressed. We will also see his assets in May. Now, please allow me to take special care of myself and my parents’ health. Subscribe, like, share, and comment on my channel so that i can bring a new video.

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