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Horoscope of Pakistan in April 2023

by Syed Mubashir Ali Rizvi
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Assalamu alaikum, I am astrologer Syed Mobasher Ali Rizvi, my Facebook page and YouTube channel “Astrology Future 110” are available. Today, we will talk about the overall situation of Pakistan and what the situation is for all parties with reference to April 2023. I am keeping all things in mind.

I am making a small video by redacting the statements of all parties, all party leaders, and their opinions, and all party’s planets to show everyone as people are quite worried at the moment.

Firstly, I will talk about the elections in April 2023. The announcement of the elections has been officially made on 30th April. However, looking at the situation in Pakistan, our institutions, and our expenses, the Election Commission has scheduled the elections for October.

The PTI is accepting the announcement while the PDM is ready to hold the elections in October. What do the planets say? The planets say that on 30th April 2023, the Supreme Court’s decision will bind all parties.

Now, the PTI is happy with this decision while the PDM is unhappy. In April, the courts will definitely give their tough decisions.

I am stating this even in Pakistan’s circumstances. The courts will deliver a strict verdict. Different kinds of statements will start emerging within the PDM. Some parties within the PDM may split. A new party could be formed within southern Punjab in April. Any new party could be significant in the formation.

A new party in southern Punjab will form its own group, which is already being talked about. Parties will start to scatter, and alliances will start to form. The military and security agencies can deliver a strict verdict. In April, the military can devise a plan within Pakistan and implement it.

The public will definitely express a lot of anguish and commotion about inflation. Inflation will reach its peak in April. The price of oil will not be low. Oil products will be more expensive. The situation of flour has been seen by itself.

This situation will also continue in April. The value of the dollar will increase further. Dissatisfaction with the IMF is possible. I am presenting all the things that come before you.

In April. But there are some specific points hidden within my points that you should consider.

But we cannot express those points clearly, but I am giving you hints about them. Now, many leaders I see, are the leaders of PDM or PTI, or any other party, but I am watching a big event happen.

I am a small astronomer and I know the science of Jafr. So while keeping my planets in mind, I am describing all of these things.

Some of the things I have mentioned are hidden clues, which will be revealed in April. Elections will definitely be held again on April 30th. But what will happen next in the election, I will explain it to you later. Assembly proceedings are not visible moving forward. We will see turmoil and such things in the parliamentary assembly.

So all of these things are being seen in April, and we should all pray for our country to overcome all these problems. The whole world is watching us. O Allah, improve our country. Create stability within our country. Provide relief to the poor people, who are currently in a lot of distress.

Let there be a decision made that will help the people improve like a blessing. I have given you a brief analysis for April. We will see the situation in Pakistan again in May.

If I see anything else, I will definitely share it with you. Subscribe to my channel, like, and share it so that I can bring more videos for you.


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