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He lost Berlin somewhere.

by Yasir Pirzada
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If the person at the airline’s counter sees your passport and says that sir, your ticket has not been booked, then once the parrots of the hands fly away. Something similar happened to me at Amsterdam airport. He was not getting my Berlin ticket, he looked at the passport, then asked my full name, asked the spelling of the name, asked the PNR number, finally got the ticket. Then he said that there is a ticket but the plane is full, there is no seat. “What do you mean?” I asked. “That means when the gate is 40 minutes away from opening, ask the staff to arrange a seat for you, hopefully it will happen.” “I felt as if I had bought a ticket for a bus to Shakargarh and if I got a place, I would have to stand up. I said the same thing to the concerned person who had to arrange a seat for me, he laughed and said that the “outstanding class” in our airline has not started yet and then handed me the boarding card.
When I reached Berlin, it was 10 o’clock in the night, Mohibi Shahid Gondal from Mandi Bahauddin with his friend Ghar Qamar-uz-Zaman, was present to pick me up. The next four days were spent with these two friends and became memorable. Gondal Sahib is basically a businessman, self-made, lived in Germany but then came to Pakistan, he has a special attachment to history, religion and society. As soon as he got into the car, he started describing the history of Berlin, that when East and West Germany were separated, Berlin was in the eastern part at that time.It was also divided into two parts. When the West Germans had to come to Berlin on their part, they would come by road with no turn to the right and left. In their part of Berlin, the Westerners built bars and brothels, where only tourists were allowed to go from the eastern part, but after the fall of the Berlin Wall, all this ended and berlin was lost somewhere. “We are looking at this place, when the Soviet Union closed the way of the allies in Berlin, the United States started airlifting from here and delivering essential goods and goods to Berlin. “I told Gondal Sahib, ‘Qibla, for now you should deliver my belongings to the hotel, I will read from you again in the history of Germany.’ On this, Qamar-uz-Zaman, who had been driving quietly till now
He laughed and said, “All right, tell me what the food is?” and then for the next four days, Qamar Sahib gave such delicious food that my weight reached its highest point in the last ten years. At first, the breakfast of the hotel was so full that there was no room for any kind of food, but barely three hours later he would start asking for lunch and dinner at six o’clock. Like the people of Gujranwala, the midnight meal would have been other than that!
The next morning we pulled out and headed for Potsdam, an hour’s drive from Berlin. The path is very beautiful, there is a forest on the right and left, somewhere there is a lake, this forest is called Grunewald i.e. green forest. On the way, Gondal sahib started again and started describing the history of Germany and the characteristics of the German people. We agreed that the system that european countries have created is enviable, this is the system for which we are struggling.
However, this system has made Europeans into machines and they make every decision subject to the system. On the way, we saw a restaurant with chairs outside, since it had started raining, we thought of opening the umbrellas on top of the chairs and sitting outside and enjoying coffee with the rain. I bet that if the waitress once refused to open the umbrellas “under the system”, then that person’s argument would not convince him. That’s what happened. We requested the waitress that we want to sit outside, so open the umbrellas, but he shook his head in denial and said that these umbrellas are only so that they can be opened while sitting in the sun, not in the rain. Since this was fed into her mind, she didn’t miss it. We also did not give up and sat there with a chair against the wall so that the rain would not fall on us.
A ferry runs from Pots Dam, which roams the lake for two hours and takes a tour of the entire area. We sat in the ferry. This ferry also goes to the town of Einstein, its name is Caputh, I came here a few years ago and visited Einstein’s astana. Einstein loved this type of area, his boat used to stand on the banks of the lake and he used to walk in it, there are also pictures of him walking with different emperors of that time. Other famous German painters, writers and artists have also lived in the nearby island of Werder Island, this place is so beautiful that human beings come here and die on their own. Our boat was moving slowly in the water, the town of Einstein was left behind, on the right side was the island where there was a row in the row. Beautiful houses were built, children were playing outside these houses, there was a rail track somewhere. We watched the scene from the top floor of the ferry, sipped coffee and then came down. We didn’t talk to each other, but still we knew what the three of us were thinking, the same question that comes to mind here in Pakistan and goes to Europe and it becomes more bitter. If after two great wars against each other, after killing millions of people, after ruining their cities, these nations lived less than fifty years.

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