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From China

by Muhammad Mehdi
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Muhammad Mehdi

The Chinese Consulate in Lahore has organized a visit to China and as usual the host is the Chinese brother. At the time of writing these lines, the high-rise buildings of Beijing and the determination and courage of the Chinese living in these buildings are in front of me to address you from Beijing. China has arrived after 2019 and everyone knows the reason for this long separation, but we were all fighting the same epidemic with masks on our faces and the world was closed. But now China is moving again and we all Pakistanis are praying for the survival of this shining country of our friend. Last time I came to China, then the political conditions of Pakistan were completely different than today and these conditions were having a lot of negative effects on the biggest economic project of Pakistan-China relations. What was the economic strategy of the Imran Khan government, it was not understood during his time, nor did he have any interest in understanding it. The speed had also slowed down. Signs of anxiety over this situation could be clearly seen in the Chinese ruling circles. When I was in China in 2019, the same question was repeatedly asked that Pakistan-China relations have never been affected by the coming of governments and both countries have done whatever they can. And whenever a security-related promise was made or an economic agreement was made, it was followed, but since 2018, there is not the warmth that it should be, what is the reason for this? What was emerging that was pushing back the CPEC was, in fact, a stubborn and one-man spirit of opposition, along with many international causes. But now the situation has completely changed, not only the government has changed, but the elements who make the government are also living a retired life in their homes, the scenario itself has changed. The Chinese are sticking to their language as they were when they signed the CPEC agreement. An unusual event has happened in China in terms of political continuity. President Xi is on the presidency for the third time and it is a tragedy of the fact that the economic performance China has shown during his time and the way he first led his country. I announced victory over poverty and secondly, steps have been taken to establish strong economic linkages with the world, of which CPEC is seen as a pilot project of BRI, the continuation of all this is strongly encouraged by China. are willing First Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif visited with the purpose of further strengthening Pakistan-China relations and then when the bad army command changed in Pakistan, the Chinese were very keen that the new Pakistan army chief should visit China. In the same columns, Raqim al-Haruf wrote regularly before General Asim Munir’s visit to China that he should leave immediately for this visit. The implementation has also been discussed. One idea is that there was more scope than what has been discussed and preparations should have been made for more, but in any case, the recent visit of the Prime Minister and the Chief of Army Staff to China has had a good impact and in China this It is felt that Pakistan has realized at the highest level that the mistakes made by Pakistan regarding the CPEC and the consequences of the mistakes are affecting the Pakistani economy in the worst way. should be remedied. Because only after their removal, we can be free from IMF etc., otherwise, this time, IMF has become Hitler for us, and its harsh attitude is not going to end. There is a feeling in China that if more investment is to be made in CPEC, then a favorable environment for investment in Pakistan is required. China does not interfere in the internal affairs of any other country. It is China’s desire to establish political stability in Pakistan and to have a mechanism to implement economic commitments that will not be affected in case of any change. I am currently in China and will report from there next time as well.

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