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Why do cult leaders commit suicide?

by Bilal Ghauri
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Bilal Ghauri

In the English language, “cult” means a group of people gathered on the basis of personality, whose struggle is centered on their leader. It can be organized on the basis of religious thought or ideas, but on the same pages on March 27, 2023, in the column written under the title “Farqa Imraniya, Why and How?”, it has been described in detail that through mind control. The possibilities of creating a “cult” are very wide. “Cult” can be created on the basis of political affiliation apart from religious sect, there are examples of commercial cult, personality cult can be created. But today we need to know that. Try to find out what kind of fate “cult leaders” face. German dictator Adolf Hitler was not only a fascist ruler, but he is also counted among “cult leaders”. During the Second World War, when the advance of Russian forces continued, Hitler spent the last days of his life in a bunker built 50 feet underground. He left this bunker and went to the Chancellor’s Garden. He used to take his beloved dog “Blondi” for a walk. In these last days, Hitler slept at 6 in the morning and woke up in the afternoon. On the last day of his life, Hitler decided to marry his beloved Eva Braun. On April 30, at 12:30 p.m., the wedding ceremony took place under heavy fire from Russian troops. Hitler’s friend Goebbels signed as a witness. The next morning, Hitler met with his generals and said that the end was near. Ordered cyanide capsules and fed one to his beloved dog to see if they were reliable. The experiment was a success. “Blondie” was done in seconds. At half past two in the afternoon Hitler had his last meal. He ordered 200 liters of petrol and told personal guard Heinz Lange, ‘After my death, you take my body to the Chancellor’s garden and set it on fire. No one will see me or recognize me after my death. After that you go back to my room and collect my uniform, my papers, everything that I have used and set them all on fire. Just don’t touch Anton Graf’s ‘Frederick the Great’ oil painting. This my chauffeur will take me safely out of Berlin after my death.”
Thus, Hitler shot himself for fear of defeat. But what is remarkable is that even in this difficult time, his colleagues set a golden example of loyalty. Goebbels, imitating his leader, instructed his wife Magda. said to give morphine to his 6 children so that they would be freed from the prison of sleeping life. When the children were sacrificed, Goebbels and Magda decided to end their lives. The day before, Hitler had given it. Both Goebbels and his wife, Magda, committed suicide by eating a poisonous capsule, and they, like Hitler, were cremated.

None of the “cult leaders” who appeared in the 20th century died a physical death. For example, in the village of Jonestown, Guyana, 918 American citizens were killed by being caught in the clutches of a religious cult, to lead them. The American Jim Jones committed suicide along with his followers. Imitating Joseph Di Mambro, who introduced the “cult” under the name of Solar Temple, 53 people embraced death at the same time in October 1994, and then later too. Some people of the “cult” were killed, this “cult leader” also committed suicide along with his wife. A “cult” named Heaven’s Gate appeared in the American city of San Diego. Its leader, Marshall Apple White. On March 26, 1997, he committed suicide along with 39 of his followers. Another American “cult leader” named David Koresh, was raided by the American agency FBI, and he was mysteriously killed during this operation. Russian “Cult leader” Grigori Rasputin was killed by unknown persons on 17th December 1916. Indian “cult leader” Rajneesh who was known as ‘Shri Bhagwan Rajneesh’ or ‘Osho’ was mysteriously killed on 19th January 1990 in an ashram in Poona. Although the official cause of death was given as a heart attack, his followers said that Guruji died because his life in the body had become hell. The Japanese “cult leader” Shoko Asahara is unique in that he He did not commit suicide, but after trial, he was sentenced to death and hanged on July 6, 2018.
The bottom line is that “cult leaders” generally don’t die a natural death. When defeat starts to look like a wall to them, they embrace death with their loved ones and start talking about burning everything down. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan is also accused of creating his own personality cult. When I saw his statement last day, there was a wave of concern. He said, “I want to set fire to the house of Bani Gala.” But on reflection, it was found that he gave this statement in another context in October 2015. As many Goebbels as he had, he is leaving them all together. In these circumstances, the responsibility of his lovers, followers and loyal companions becomes Don’t let them suffer from loneliness and despair.

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