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Common sense, why not common?

by Afzaal rehan
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Afzaal rehan

Iqbal said: O people of sight, the taste of sight is good, but he who does not see the reality of the object has seen, or that: the world is new, but the veil of fate is in my eyes.
Now, if this dervish, acting realistically, will cast a slanting glance at Dr. Javed Iqbal’s Abaji, then the people living in the world of dreams will not be able to bear it. But it is nothing but a mirage. How sad was the interpretation of the dream that our Mamdouh had seen so high. By the way, Iqbal’s son used to say that Abaji had never seen such a dream, even if he wanted it. But it is covered. One truth is that the people of the West continue to taunt the people of the West by saying that your civilization will commit suicide with its own dagger. The branch that will become a nest will be unstable. It is a different thing that today the blind It is also seen that whose culture is committing suicide today with its dagger or suicide attacks.
When I was a child, I heard a story that Sheikh Chali Sahib was cutting a branch of a tree on which he was sitting for a saw. He did, however, after a little more sawing, he fell down from the floor and immediately sat at the feet of the explainer. He said, “You are a wise man.”

It is regrettable to say here that what is called common sense is not common, due to which people generally think mirage as a river and take the trouble of a long journey and then beat their heads, especially in the matter of understanding personalities. Why do our people generally think of the leader as a leader? When the intoxication of emotionalism and fanaticism subsides, sometimes you find yourself cursing the leader and sometimes Darwish never understood from an early age that our hero was sometimes Jinnah, sometimes Bhutto and sometimes Shah Faisal, then Gaddafi and then again. Saddam Hussain and now Taliban Khan, why our people don’t like someone who is intelligent, familiar with the facts or a visionary who has a deep vision? The handsome man who makes speeches here without any thought or the test of facts. But the judge is caught in the attractiveness of his sarcastic words and fair complexion that he takes him as his leader and savior. Come on, even if such a mistake is made in childhood or adolescence, awareness and understanding or seriousness will come with time. It should be known that once you have been stung by a bill, then refrain from putting your hand into such a hole again.
It is about the last half of the last decade of the last century, when this journalist conducted a detailed interview of this great national hero for the first time at his house, then in this one meeting, fourteen classes were enlightened. What did you think, and what turned out to be “so tall” such a short man, as if he had no air of knowledge and wisdom or intelligence and consciousness, trapped in the artificial shell of his self, arrogant and immersed in the addiction of self-importance and self-torture. Arrogant person with artificial smile on face and fake wisdom in conversation, Oh my God, what I thought of this person from afar, it does not reveal to me the mentality of Nazis. He will not feel ashamed even while walking over human corpses to reach power, while he will have nothing to do with politics, but the truth is that using the word politician for him will be an insult to this prestigious word.

After coming back, what he wrote was made lifeless like what he wrote about Bin Laden and published. Today, everyone has become a big man and is writing and speaking a lot. It is only when the truth is veiled in destiny and you expose its charm.
It is only yesterday that a person who was called a spoiled politician of Punjab and is found to be soft-spoken in the flattery of the powerful, but there is such a lack of common sense in father and son that he left home to go to Model Town but called on the way. Should you turn your direction along the canal in the neighborhood of Aitchison College? The one whose playing days are over, the one who has made the previous two uncles twice, the law or the constitution under whose boots it is clearly visible that the decision of his fate has now gone into the hands of the In any case, he will not be allowed to make more deals of waste. It has been done with them, why should I get into the conversation of someone who is going, but no, we have taken an oath that we will not look beyond the noise or noisy spectacle that is going on right and left, then enjoy it now.
Left behind is Taliban Khan, whose world view or political wisdom is such that he does not feel ashamed to stand on the floor of the Parliament and declare the world’s biggest terrorist as a martyr, and is very proud to call Talabani Harbong as breaking the chains of slavery. He loses this great success to the nation, sometimes he waves fake ciphers in public meetings, but sometimes he raises slogans of disapproval of the imported government to make his emotional fans more stupid.

With all the planning on May 9, the stormy mischief that has been raised here, can any person with any sense of politics detonate this kind of suicide bomb? Look at the so-called leaders in his party who have spent their whole lives mowing the same grass, were there none of them who would shine a torch in his suicide bombing mentality? Let alone the one who was commanding such a large and important corps and who was standing as a godfather on such a big throne of justice. It could not happen that this fanatical mentality will prove to be the path of destruction, do not do such an act.
Today, the people who are leaving the so-called party as bigots are also improving their wisdom. Two weeks ago, where did their intellect go to graze grass? Who managed this entire project should also be questioned by all those who have facilitated the worst by encouraging corrupt ladles and taking calls for charity. There is no need to worry, all of you have reaped what you sowed, but ask for forgiveness from him, whose popularity was hurled at night, and he was expelled from the ruling house and thrown into the furnace of difficulties. It never was, but the family of Bhan Mati, who was picked up from here and there, should now be facilitated to reach their original places, because if the Bhola of the morning comes home in the evening, it is not called Bhola. The time is going on that the powerful are being given a lot of hardship. Were such hardships not brought to the PML-G members, did they break like this or break apart like this?

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