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Canada: Sikh community puts up Khalistan posters in temples

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Sikhs in British Columbia, Canada, vandalised a Hindu community’s place of worship and pasted khalistan referendum posters on the main gate of the temple. According to Indian media, the poster pasted on the entrance of the temple read that Canada is investigating India’s role in the June 18 murder. The poster at the entrance of the temple also had a picture of Hardeep Singh Nanjar. Hardeep Singh Najar was the head of the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara in Surrey, Canada. He was killed in the gurdwara premises on the evening of June 18 by two unidentified men, who were the head of the separatist outfit Khalistan Tiger Force. This is the third incident of temple vandalism in Canada this year. On January 31, a famous temple in Brampton, Canada, was vandalised and anti-India chalking took place, which has caused anger in India. Brampton Mayor Patrick Brann condemned the incident of hate messages written by India on the walls of the temple. In April, another temple in Ontario, Canada was vandalised with anti-India chalking theWindsor police released CCTV footage showing two suspects spraying paintings on the walls of the temple.

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