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What is Society thinking?

by Mazhar Barlas
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Mazhar Barlas

National Press Club President Anwar Raza and Secretary Khalil Raja have sent an invitation that after the evening meal of 14th April, a cricket match is being held between the daughters of female journalists and male journalists. You are a special guest in this event so that our daughters can be encouraged. When I entered the tent, famous anchor Azmi Chaudhry was also with me. The officials of the National Press Club welcomed us. Our meeting with the leader of the journalists, Afzal Butt, took place here. Here, we met with several foreign ambassadors, including the Prime Minister’s Adviser Faisal Karim Kundi, Nadim Afzal Chan, Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Noreen Alam Khan, and Nasibullah Chishti. Many famous anchors, including Muhammad Malik, Adil Abbasi, and Ali Farooq, were present here. After the introduction, the officials of the National Press Club took us to the commentary box, where Ali Raza Alvi had set up a separate media station. Whenever there is any event in Pakistan, national conditions are always discussed. Nowadays, with political situations, economic and social situations are also being discussed because people living in society are extremely worried about economic conditions. In such distressing situations, inflation is not leaving people’s lives. To arrange a positive event like this from the National Press Club is no less than a blessing. Therefore, all officials of the National Press Club are deserving of congratulations, as they have arranged a ceremony of flowers in a society filled with sorrows.

After hearing many stories of hardships in Islamabad, this journey led to Lahore, where on April 15th, the famous lawyers of the country, Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan, Sardar Latif Khosa, and Khawaja Ahmed Tariq Rahim, had organized a roundtable conference to sanctify the Constitution. Munir Ahmed Khan, who was very busy during Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan’s reign, was also occupied here, while courteous Khosa, Khurram Khosa, and Nawab Tahir Khalique, along with some other lawyers, were appearing very active in assistance. This was truly a roundtable conference in which fifty famous lawyers and scholars from all over the country were invited. Although many lawyers, including the President of the Supreme Court Bar, Aitzaz Ahsan, Hameed Khan, Shabir Rizvi, Rabia Bajwa, Azhar Siddique, and Aftab Bajwa, delivered powerful speeches at the conference, according to the former Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan’s speech, it was not only powerful but also memorable. The renowned lawyer said that the country’s most important institutions are currently hand in hand, and the quality of stress is everywhere. The situation in the judiciary has reached such an extent that it is now impossible for this institution to work together. The situation is so desperate that by looking at the bench formed for the decision of any case, you can tell which party the decision will be in favor of. The spread in society has increased so much that political parties are at each other’s throats. A historical war has begun between parliament and the judiciary.

Laws are being introduced against the judiciary in parliament regarding the interpretation of the law. Political matters are being handled in courts instead of parliament, while court matters are being handled in parliament and administrative agencies. The situation is such that we have consumed so much that the next four generations will continue to pay off debts. We have already consumed the earnings of our coming four generations. When the Chinese had no money, they managed by drinking boiled milk and tea, but we have indulged in extravagance to the extent that our coming generations are burdened with debts. The most important issue at the moment is the election in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which has clear directives from the Supreme Court, and those directives should be implemented within 90 days. It is the demand of our constitution and our constitutional thinking that the election should be held on May 14th without fail. It is not a joke of our constitution or our constitutional thinking that the decision written by the Supreme Court will be final. The judiciary has soft power and it does not require guns and bullets. If the Chief Justice has written that the elections will be held on May 14th, then the elections will be held on May 14th. The bottom line is that the final result of this round table conference is that lawyers will stand with the Supreme Court to protect the Constitution. Lawyers will stand with the Chief Justice of Pakistan, and it was also said here that we are lawyers first and then part of any political party.

The next day, a dinner invitation was extended to the former advisor to the Prime Minister, Makhdoom Tariq Mahmoodul Hassan, where Miyan Habibullah, Farooq Shahbaz Wirdaich, Tanzila Imran, Komal Saleem, Anjum Hamid, Syed Yasser Abbas, and Mobeen Sultan were present for a discussion. The following day, at the dinner hosted by Focal Person Naseer Salman for PTI merchants, several politicians, journalists, and people from various walks of life met. Everyone seemed troubled by the situation at hand. Society’s overall thinking is moving towards unrest. The politicians who were previously calm are now visibly worried. At present, the trade in Azad Kashmir is bustling, and after that, the Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan and the Chairman Senate are the next targets. The sale of conscience is on the rise. Many nations have experienced such strange circumstances, but remember that even in the darkness of the night, fireflies can be seen, and rays of light emerge from the darkest paths. In the words of Dagh Dehlvi, “God is the protector of those on the path of love.” This contains a few very difficult situations.

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