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Expectations from supervisors

by Mian Habib
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mian habib

Thankfully, the caretaker Prime Minister belongs to Baluchistan and he is an educated person living in low profile, prominent politicians from big provinces are more controversial, Anwarul Haq Kakar is an undisputed person, that is why all political parties of the country have accepted him. Akhtar Mengal may have his own issues with respect to Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar’s becoming the Prime Minister affects his politics, however, we can say that the caretaker Prime Minister is acceptable, there is a lot of mystery in his nomination, some people say that he is not a caretaker but an undertaker. The intention was to be partisan so that the administration could not favor anyone in the elections, the powers of the supervisors were also limited. They used to run ding-tipao affairs, big decisions or decisions on matters with far-reaching effects were out of their reach, but now the outgoing parliament has given a lot of powers to the current caretakers. Or some other work has to be done from them because the date of the election has not been announced yet, but the pdm government has opened such a piece of the results of the new census, which has increased the anxiety instead of satisfaction in the provinces. It is said that our 7 million population has been reduced.
It is inconceivable that the overall population has increased, but the seats are decreasing, it seems that the provinces are being entangled in the census, the fact is that there is no sign of elections. Those who are talking about three months of caretakers should forget for six months, even after that, there is no idea when the elections are held, in March 2024, half of the seats of the Senate are falling vacant. If the caretakers do not hold immediate elections, then what do they have to do? And the purpose for which they have been brought will soon be known and the biggest consequences will have to be borne by the politicians who have given their beards to someone else due to their incompetence. Steps will be taken, all loss-making units will be privatized, big defaulters will be caught and it is quite possible that accountability will now be of another type in which recoveries will be targeted. Can, politicians have expectations
The business community wants that such steps should be taken immediately so that their business will come back to the old level, the caretakers of the state are expected to satisfy the people by correcting the distortions created by the politicians, now it remains to be seen on what agenda the caretaker government starts working on. What kind of people are being given responsibilities, especially the Foreign Minister, Finance Minister and Home Minister will be very important, it also raises the question whether the caretaker government will treat all political parties equally or someone will be made an eye-opener. There is retirement and the President is also completing his constitutional term, the current President can remain till the election of the new President, but anything can happen here if the President agrees to the agenda, otherwise everything will be handed over to Baluchistan.

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