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Abu al-Harith

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Imam Al-Hussain (a) kept a small lion named Abu al-Harith, he loved Maula very much because the house of Maula Hussain (s) was near the mosque, that lion used to sit outside, time passed, the lion became young. They came to the Prophet (s) and said:
Or the lion of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has become young, we are afraid that it may bite us.
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) should not leave him in the forest.
The Holy Prophet said, “Tomorrow you will not see this lion in Madinah.”
In the evening, the Holy Prophet came to Imam Al-Hussain (a) and said:
Son Hussain, your lion has become young, Imam Hussain smiled and put his arms around nana Jan’s neck and said, “As nana jaan grows older, he loves me more, he does not live without me.”The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Hussain, the companion of your maternal grandfather is afraid of him. They come to pray, they fear that it will do them any harm, the son will not set him free.
It was said that such big tears came on the imam’s cheek, but he smiled and said:
Grandfather, take out this day, tomorrow Abu al-Harith will not see you, the Prophet said, “Son of Hussain, what will you do on this day?”
The Imam cried and said:
Nana Jaan see it’s evening outside and this is not the time to get anyone out of the house.
The Holy Prophet (pbuh) put Maula Hussain (s) on his chest.
When Maula came to feed the lion at the time of Tahajjud, Abu al-Harith said, “Maula, today is so quick, I have given the whole thing to Abu al-Harith.”
The Imam said, “Remember the date of 61 AH 10 Muharram, you will hear a voice from near the mound of Karbala.
Abu al-Harith said, “Who will give the voice?” You???
He said: No.Your brother Abbas? He said: No.
So then….?
The Imam cried and said, “My 4-year-old daughter Sakina will give you a voice.
Abu al-Harith had just called out to The Prophet (peace be upon him). Hurry up, the horses are running over my father’s body.
When Abu al-Harith arrived, the imam’s body was divided into seven parts.

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